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SANYO's Proprietary Electrolyzed Water Technology Proven Effective In Suppressing Avian Influenza Viruses

5/15/2006 11:19:06 AM

TOKYO, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., (SANYO) a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, announced today that its proprietary electrolyzed water technology effectively suppresses avian influenza viruses. This result was achieved by corroborative research with Tottori University, Japan (team led by Professor Kouichi Otsuki of the Faculty of Agriculture). It was shown that SANYO's proprietary electrolyzed water technology, 'Disinfectant Element' system and 'Disinfectant Electrolyzed Mist' system was highly effective in suppressing more than 99% of airborne avian influenza viruses.

Since December 2003, infection of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5 type) in poultry and humans has been identified in many countries, especially those in Southeast Asia and Europe, taking more than 100 human lives (WHO, April 2006). Research on the avian influenza viruses has been drawing substantial attention around the world.

"SANYO is proud of the work we have done in developing this technology which possibly could lead to the prevention of a major world threat. We will continue to research the practical uses of this technology in homes, schools and other public places," said Tomoyo Nonaka, Chairman of SANYO. She added, "SANYO is committed to providing solutions for a sustainable lifestyle, based on our 'Think GAIA' vision."

Results of new tests with electrolyzed water

Experiments were conducted to study the efficacy of SANYO's proprietary 'disinfectant element' system and 'disinfectant electrolyzed mist' system (containing only 10-mg/l concentration of free residual chlorine). SANYO applied a diluted amount of electrolyzed water formed from conventional tap water by the electrolyze process. The results confirmed that 99% of airborne avian influenza viruses were suppressed when passed only one time through the 'disinfectant element' system or sprayed with the 'disinfectant electrolyzed mist.'

The electrolyzed water is simple to form from tap water and has a low concentration of free residual chlorine compared to chlorine based disinfectant (containing a 500-1,000mg/l concentration of free residual chlorine). Thus, SANYO's proprietary technology the 'disinfectant element' system and 'disinfectant electrolyzed mist' system suppresses avian influenza viruses and is safe and considerate of the environment as well as being practical for applied developments.

About Research Team of Tottori University

The research team, led by Professor Otsuki, has long been conducting studies on the avian influenza viruses, making vital contribution to the field. In fiscal 2005, the team received the Award of Recognition for Scientific Technologies from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for its finding, which demonstrated that a highly pathogenic virus can arise from a less virulent strain through mutation.

About SANYO's 'Think GAIA' vision

What can SANYO do for life and the Earth? Our answer is 'Think GAIA.' How do we ensure that children of the future will have a beautiful planet to live on? For SANYO, the answer is to treat the Earth as a single living organism, and create the products we truly need to continue living in harmony with this precious planet. This is the conviction that inspires SANYO's vision, 'Think GAIA.' It is a threefold approach, consisting of action on the 'Environmental' 'Energy' and 'Lifestyle' fronts. In each of these fields, SANYO redefines conventional ideas and takes a radically new perspective, taking advantage of its unique technological resources to propose global solution for Life and the Earth.

Contact: Ryan Watson SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Media Relations Unit Tel: +81-3-3837-6206 Fax: +81-3-3837-6381 E-mail:

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.; Tottori University

CONTACT: Ryan Watson, Media Relations Unit of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.,+81-3-3837-6206, or Fax: +81-3-3837-6381,

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