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Prosolia Introduces Flowprobe™ Surface Extraction System for Mass Spectrometry

2/27/2013 9:07:15 AM

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Prosolia, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the world's first ambient pressure mass spectrometric imaging device, DESI 2D, introduces flowprobe, an automated chemical analysis platform for mass spectrometric sample introduction. The flowprobe technology is based on a continuous flow, in situ microextraction technique invented in the laboratory of Dr. Gary Van Berkel of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

flowprobe was designed with the researcher in mind, combining the advantages of continuous flow microextraction and electrospray ionization for sustained, spatially resolved sampling and gentle mass spectrometric analysis in an efficient and automated format. flowprobe's continuous solvent flow generates the highest extraction efficiency ambient sampling technology commercially available. Amenable to spot sampling and imaging a range of surfaces -- from cells and tissues to analytic/polymeric substrates -- it can accelerate drug distribution studies, cancer and microorganism profiling, and biochemical analyses.

"The release of the flowprobe product line is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and technical excellence. Researchers will benefit from over 10 years of research and development conducted at ORNL under the guidance of Dr. Van Berkel, as well as Prosolia's leading expertise in the field," stated Dr. Justin Wiseman, President & CEO of Prosolia. "Further, the flowprobe is offered both as a complete unit and as a retro-fit to the DESI 2D system, allowing existing customers to immediately benefit and new customers the option of using both technologies on a common platform."

Prosolia is the leading developer and manufacturer of direct mass spectrometric solutions, delivering innovative technologies since 2005. Our portfolio of scientific tools includes innovative sample introduction and surface analysis systems, along with intuitive software, all of which are part of workflows that reduce analytical complexity and yield faster time to results. The unique capabilities of Prosolia's direct mass spectrometry technologies provide its customers the benefits of reduced time-to-results and streamlined analytical workflows resulting in increased cost efficiencies.

SOURCE Prosolia, Inc.

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