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Pressure Point Inc. Release: New Intervention Combination Curtails Overall Incidence of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV)

6/26/2013 9:42:15 AM

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Grand Rapids, MI – June 26, 2013 – By adding the objective function of Pressure Right®, the new peer-reviewed, FDA-cleared, 72-Hour PONV antiemetic (Rx) adhesive wrist strip to existing PONV antiemetic regimens, patient severity experiences of nausea or vomiting following surgery are frequently prevented and/or reduced to less than an indication of 3 on an evaluation scale of 0 to 10, 0=none to 10=severe. This collaboration approach of joining together pharmacologic and P6 acupressure has clinically proven to enhance a marked reduction in overall incidence of PONV and need for “rescue” antiemetic medication.

For some time, a growing number of acclaimed anesthesiologists have been advocating the use of the P6 acupressure approach as an adjunct to stimulate a more improved delivery of PONV antiemetic prophylaxis results. They have come to terms with the limitations of antiemetic drug therapy and strongly believe that a continuation of antiemetic drug therapy used alone, as the sole PONV clinical protocol, will prevent a much needed advancement associated with the use of P6 acupressure, a non-pharmacologic approach to support an adjunct boost to antiemetic medications.

The adoption of a diversified antiemetic standard combining both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches on the order of P6 acupressure, would lead to healthier PONV patient outcomes. It would translate into higher patient satisfaction results, as well as, produce long-term cost efficiencies. According to these experts, PONV will remain a major source of distress for patients unless new protocols are introduced.

When used in concert with antiemetic drug combinations, Pressure Right® has consistently proven to substantially prevent and/or reduce the severity of PONV occurrences by a wide margin and ranks among the best risk-reduction strategies on the market. The boost to overall PONV risk-reduction with the use of Pressure Right® across the first 72-hours after surgery provides patients with a safety net of protection, while reducing overall PONV costs.

Pressure Right® was developed to improve PONV conditions by stimulating the body’s P6 acupressure meridian mechanism to bring about substantial relief of PONV occurrences, by interrupting energy blockages associated with surgery based on the paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. The TCM medical theory is that certain acupoints can be effectively used in the treatment of targeted symptoms. In the case of the P6 acupoint mechanism, numerous clinical studies have been performed utilizing P6 acupressure wrist bands showing superior results in preventing PONV.

The placement of the acupressure dome on the Pressure Right® patent-pending adhesive wrist strip is designed to provide a high degree of extended PONV efficacy. In addition, the wrist strip is not intended to go completely around the average wrist for extended comfortable wear (i.e. 72-hours). The combination of these two factors, plus the use of a disposable adhesive allows the wearer to expect little to no adverse effects leading to a healthier experience following surgery.

Pressure Point Inc. anticipates rolling-out its Pressure Right® device into international markets by year-end. The company is currently seeking distributors in Eastern and Western Europe, India, South Eastern Asia in addition to China which is already in place for 2014.

The company will engage in randomized clinical testing for its new innovative 5-day wrist strip to prevent chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting and migraine-nausea. The delayed effect of nausea continues to be elusive with the treatment of antiemetic drug combinations, not to mention the associated drug side effects. The timing of such testing will depend on patient availability and trial locations. There is a huge need for extended prevention for these two indications.

Contact Information:

Joseph DiLustro

Chairman & CEO

Pressure Point Inc.

(908) 601-8877



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