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PRECOS Launches Premium Bespoke Collection of Clinically Relevant Lung in Oncology Models for Drug Discovery

5/29/2012 10:35:40 AM

NOTTINGHAM, UK (29 May 2012) - Preclinical Oncology Services Limited (PRECOS), a leading pre-clinical research and development service provider with a specific focus on oncology, has launched its Lung In ONcology model atlas (LION). LION provides a premium bespoke collection of clinically relevant and validated lung oncology models for in vitro and in vivo drug discovery screening. The models are of interest to leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies looking to deliver significantly higher research productivity for their portfolio of therapeutic targets.

In collaboration with world-renowned experts, PRECOS is able to provide a unique collection of models from target identification to clinically relevant drug candidates to support effective drug discovery for lung cancers. LION is part of the PRECOS PREdict platform for target discovery, a service that provides unique panels of patient-derived in vitro and in vivo models characterised, validated and ready to run in studies.

By utilising the pharmacological audit trail (PhAT) to provide a rational framework for assessing the risk profile of a new agent, LION enables the collection of predictive lung models to match each step of the decision making process. LION provides detailed pharmacological mapping of clinically relevant lung models using a proprietary 3D tumour growth assay (TGA). The novel compounds in 3D TGAs are assessed against multiple standards of care and in combination therapies to develop a unique “map” of the lead therapeutic against the landscape of existing treatments.

Treatment decisions have traditionally been empiric and based upon tumour histology. Platinum-based chemotherapy remains the cornerstone of treatment but survival rates remain low. As understanding develops with a continued expansion of the number of molecular compared to conventional therapies, PRECOS is able to provide further advanced and predictive in vitro and in vivo models. The LION collection provides relevant, reproducible in vivo models to support pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis of novel therapeutics and appropriate efficacy studies, including combination studies. Advanced orthotropic and bioluminescent models as well as unique models of resistance enable a comprehensive analysis of potential opportunities for novel therapeutics.

“PRECOS continues to develop deeper, clinically relevant screening methods relevant to the models we hold, to produce a greater understanding of the disease state,” said Dr Martin Page, scientific consultant, PRECOS. “Changes in gene expression and mutational status allow a greater insight into the relevance of each lung model. Our panels are designed to help our clients address their key needs and challenges by providing cutting-edge clinically relevant models that are ready to run.”

To find out more about LION please call +44 0870 166 6234, e-mail or visit to request further information.

About PRECOS Ltd

PRECOS Ltd. is a flexible pre-clinical research and development service with a specific focus on oncology, with an established track record in providing expert support to direct cancer drug development projects from concept to clinic. PRECOS evaluates the innovative cancer medicines of the future in patient-relevant models to ensure that pre-clinical efficacy assessment is predictive of how the drug is likely to behave in clinical trials with cancer patients. The PRECOS team of expert scientists assist in the selection and execution of appropriate analytical systems by a staged approach of in vitro studies, in vivo model development, subsequent in vivo mechanistic and therapeutic evaluations and post-study analyses, all conveyed with added value through specialist scientific interpretation of the data. PRECOS scientists apply cutting-edge technology and ideas to individual research programmes and delivers a flexible, tailored approach to all research objectives, whether a one-off service or a complete research programme.

PRECOS, an acronym of Pre-Clinical Oncology Services, was officially launched as a specialist business unit of the University of Nottingham (UK) in 2004. PRECOS evolved from the research expertise of the Division of Pre-clinical Oncology (formerly Academic Unit of Studies), which had successful collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the UK, EU, US and Japan for over a decade. For further information:

For further press information please contact: Sarah Evans - The Scott Partnership, 1 Whiteside, Station Road, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 8AA, United Kingdom. Tel: + 44 1477 539 539 Fax: +44 1477 539 540 E-mail:

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