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PharmaLab Pty Ltd Unveils New Corporate Identity and Strategic Direction

11/30/2007 1:02:56 PM

Australian critical medicines manufacturer and distributor, PharmaLab® Pty Ltd has today unveiled a new corporate identity with the launch of a new name, logo and strategic direction.

Phebra, the company’s new name, denotes quality, protection and purity. It is accompanied by a logo for the Greek letter “phi” which represents the golden ratio, a simple but mathematically aesthetic equation that has fascinated philosophers and scientists since Pythagoras’ day.

According to Phebra, CEO, Dr Mal Eutick, “Today marks the beginning of an exciting new era which reflects our values and company direction, drawing from our milestones and accomplishments and by extension offering a glimpse of what is to be.

“Since our establishment in 1993, we have cultivated an enviable reputation as a highly sought-after and dependable provider of critical medicines.

“Over time we have earned recognition and trust from our customers for our excellent products, service provision and practices. As demand for such has grown, so too has the size of our organisation,” said Dr Eutick.

With this natural evolution has come a change in the company’s corporate identity and a new strategic corporate direction that promises to take Phebra to fresh horizons.

Drawing its name from two ancient Roman deities, the god Februus who commanded the role of purification and the goddess Febris, a protector against fevers and malaria, Phebra is represented by ‘phi’, the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet which is used in mathematics, architecture and science.

The new name and imagery was chosen as it relates well to the company’s primary focus of providing life-enhancing medicines that improve patient lives.

"From the dawn of medical history inspiration has come from patrons of protection and purity,” Dr Eutick said.

PharmaLab Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, is now trading as Phebra. The company continues to manufacture and market a growing range of critical care pharmaceuticals for distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Canada.

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