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Part of Proprietary Technology Platforms of Creative BioMart

1/18/2013 9:35:17 AM

January 18, 2013 -- With innovative thoughts and fast growing technologies, Creative Biomart experts have developed many efficient and advanced proprietary technical platforms that have gained numerous praises. As a biotech manufacture, its goal is to mutually benefit research communities, institutions and others. Here the following is partial list of such platforms that I would like to share with you:

1. YeastXceedTM Technology selects stable and durable production strains that resemble mammalian system are employed for high-yield, high-productivity protein processing, thus dramatically reducing the associated costs and inherent time requirements. This technology considers promoters, optimal copies of vector per cell, inducibility, signal peptides, and cellular location, which are essential for high-level recombinant protein production. Many secretory proteins that bacterial expression systems yield as insoluble or as inactive inclusion bodies can be produced successfully by our yeast expression system using native or yeast secretion signals.

2. HostOptimTM technology enables generation of high yielding production systems across different industry relevant platforms (e.g. CHO, HEK, Pichia pastoris). Creative Biomart have identified DNA elements which are instrumental in increasing translation rates when included in recombinant protein expression vectors. These elements are functional across eukaryotic production platforms, including mammalian cells, yeast, and most fungal systems. Based on these elements, Creative Biomart developed its proprietary HostOptimTM technology. HostOptimTM boosts recombinant protein production per cell by increasing the protein per mRNA ratio across a range of eukaryotic production hosts. Other available recombinant production technologies typically target transcription and are limited to specific production systems.

3. PEG-CtrlTM is a novel site-selective PEGylation platform, using a proprietary efficient and cost-effective PEGylation chemistry, which is suitable to a large variety of proteins. The PEG-CtrlTM unique approach enables homogeneous PEGylated populations where the specific PEGylation site can be selected and controlled, thus improving efficacy compared to existing PEGylation techniques, decreasing cost of goods and substance dosed to patient; while still providing an improved ADME profile due to the addition of the PEG moiety.

4. FoldEZTM technology utilizes an E. coli expression system designed to enhance expression and to direct the recombinant protein to cytosolic aggregates known as "inclusion bodies”. This enables a yield of up to 10,000 fold higher than seen with conventional recombinant membrane protein expression technologies. Yields using this method are typically between 5-50 mg per liter of cell culture medium. The aggregated recombinant protein is then taken through a series of proprietary purification and refolding steps to generate functional, native protein. With FoldEZTM, multiple targets or multiple variants of a given membrane protein target can be produced quickly and in a parallel format. To date, more than 200 different GPCRs and ion channels have been cloned and expressed using FoldEZTM. The current rate of success in expression and refolding is more than 75% for any given new protein and has been steadily increasing in the past. FoldEZTM is the basis of drug discovery technologies such as protein structure analysis and the generation of therapeutic antibodies directed against GPCRs.

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