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Paris Hospitals Group, AP-HP, and Biocitech SAS Sign Cooperation Agreement

7/3/2012 10:24:31 AM

Paris, July 3, 2012 - Biocitech, the Paris life sciences technology park, and AP-HP, the organization that includes 37 Paris hospitals, announce today that they have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed yesterday by Mireille Faugere, managing director of AP-HP and Jean-Francois Boussard, Biocitech president, at the ninth annual APinnov technology transfer conference in Paris.

Together, the two partners intend to accelerate the creation and scientific development of early-stage life sciences enterprises. Those with projects to propose from AP-HP will be able to use premises at Biocitech, near central Paris, on favorable terms while Biocitech residents will have special access to technological innovations originating in AP-HP. Agreements will cover areas such as technology transfer, co-development or clinical development.

There will be a joint development and oversight committee with representatives from OTTLIV, the technology transfer arm of AP-HP, and from Biocitech. They will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of joint actions. The committee will take decisions on companies moving into Biocitech with technology originating from AP-HP, on Biocitech residents wanting to access AP-HOP technology and on requests from Biocitech residents wishing to have their medicines evaluated in clinical trials at AP-HP.

Biocitech will make available to would-be entrepreneurs its highly developed structure of shared industry services including quality assurance, hygiene-safety-environment issues, engineering, regulatory approved installations and animal house facilities. Start-ups frequently have difficulty accessing these types of service and providing guarantees required by those who offer them. Biocitech can rent out secure premises with the latest technology in chemistry and biology including L1, L2 and L3 classes and clean rooms. Projects emerging from AP-HP will be able to enjoy facilities from their creation to maturity in the same place and in an environment that will help their development.

AP-HP’s clinicians are heavily involved in research and patient care and as a result frequently come up with innovative research projects and develop new approaches that can be patented and transferred to the commercial sector. Up to now, AP-HP has a portfolio of 442 patent families and continues to apply for more. AP-HP is the biggest organizer of clinical trials in France – ahead of big pharma – one of the biggest institutional organizers of clinical trials in the world and the biggest clinical research center in Europe. More than 2,800 clinical research projects were under way in 2011.

“As the technology transfer arm of AP-HP, we are passionate about aiding scientists who need help with their innovative projects,” said Florence Ghrenassia, director of OTTLIV. “We first point them towards incubators in companies who are partners of AP-HP. But it is always difficult for a young life science entrepreneur to find premises that are really suitable for his or her activity. That’s why we are extremely happy to sign this partnership with Biocitech, which offers high quality services and widens the selection of incubators that are already partners of AP-HP. Our budding companies can concentrate on developing the innovative projects originating in AP-HP.”

“This agreement will be beneficial for our residents as it creates a link with leading research at AP-HP and gives them access to the biggest clinical trials center in Europe,” said Jean-Francois Boussard, president of Biocitech. “We are looking forward to welcoming the first entrepreneurs from AP-HP and providing them with our shared state-of-the-art services and the campus effect created by our 27 residents working alongside each other with their complementary and synergetic activities.”

About AP-HP

AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hopitaux de Paris) brings together 37 Paris hospitals, including university and teaching establishments, and enjoys close associations with world-famous bodies such as Inserm, the CNRS, the Institut Curie, the Institut Gustav Roussy, the Institut Pasteur, and France’s nuclear energy agency (CEA).

AP-HP has a portfolio of 442 patent families and continues to apply for more. It is the biggest organizer of clinical trials on France – ahead of big pharma – and the biggest clinical research center in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. More than 2,800 clinical research projects were under way in 2011.

AP-HP is a public health establishment and carries out the obligations and missions of health establishments including diagnostics and patient and preventive care. It also exercises its responsibilities to contribute to university and post-university teaching as well as to medical, dental and pharmaceutical research. In their patient care and research activities, the clinicians and carers at AP-HP frequently initiate projects and develop innovations that can be patented and potentially transferred to the commercial sector.

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The Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Industrial Ventures protects and leverages innovations produced by patient care and by clinical, laboratory and other research carried out by the Paris public health hospitals, Assistance Publique - Hopitaux de Paris. OTTLIV benefits from AP-HP’s massive resources. AP-HP is the leading sponsor of clinical trials in Europe and employs 17,000 doctors and pharmacists out of a total of 90,000. 900 of these are directly involved in clinical trials.

OTTLIV provides energetic support to inventors and those with special know-how and sets up privileged partnerships with French or international companies in the healthcare and biotechnology industries and with other research organizations. The aim is to create the optimal conditions for a collaboration that starts with an innovative concept and ends with bringing to market a product or service that will ultimately benefit the patient.

It organizes the annual APinnov conference in June, which brings together key players and those involved in the transfer of medical technologies. It also regularly attends the US BIO conference.

AP-HP holds 442 patent families, is involved in 609 R&D partnerships and has granted some 167 licenses concerning innovative projects. It continues through OTTLIV to leverage its partnerships with industry. OTTLIV’s work brings more than EUR 20 million to the AP-HP itself.

OTTLIV’s French name is OTT&PI (Office du Transfert de Technologies et des Partenariats Industriels de l’Assistance Publique - Hopitaux de Paris).

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About Biocitech

Biocitech is a technology park dedicated to life sciences and the environment. It offers resident companies on-site support from inception to maturity. It provides a range of services that are specifically designed for firms in the sectors of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, medical and in vitro diagnostics and medical devices.

Biocitech is the only science and technology park in the Paris area that is ICPE certified and that offers a comprehensive and flexible range of services that include technical buildings, multi-technical services and support services. ICPE certification provides entrepreneurs with secure premises of a high technological standard that are perfectly adapted to their development. The unique combination gives firms the benefit of specialized resources that cost less because they are pooled. Biocitech is located close to Raymond Queneau Paris subway station, and is only 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport.

The park is market-oriented and the great majority of its residents generate revenues from the sale of products or services. Furthermore, the firms installed at Biocitech complement one another, thus generating strong synergies and numerous collaborations.

Along with other organizations in the Paris area, Biocitech is a key element in the Medicen Paris Region network, the Greater Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub for health and new therapies.

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