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PARI Innovative Manufacturers Introduces New Technology For Respiratory Care

10/19/2005 5:12:16 PM

MIDLOTHIAN, Va., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- PARI Innovative Manufacturers has licensed Vapore, Inc.'s capillary force vaporizer for use in respiratory care worldwide. About the size of an aspirin tablet, the technology utilizes heat and capillary action to rapidly turn liquid into vapor. The technology's potential for small, fast devices will likely lead to improvements in respiratory and humidification treatments.

The technology was first developed for camping stoves due to its ability to turn liquid fuel into vapor and release it with a high velocity jet action. The resulting vapor is more readily usable because it is a true vapor, meaning that liquid droplets are not created during the process and therefore do not need to evaporate before a vapor is formed. In addition, the technology does not utilize moving parts, so there are no complicated, breakable components. Depending on the ingredient used, the technology can be used in a wide variety of fields, from camping to military applications to respiratory care.

PARI Innovative Manufacturers will work with pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to use the technology to develop new or improved treatments for respiratory care, humidification, smoking cessation, infant incubators, and much more.

"PARI is known for continually developing and introducing new technologies that improve drug delivery for respiratory care. We are pleased to partner with Vapore, Inc. to bring this new technology to the medical community and look forward to partnering with pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to further improve breathing and humidification treatments," said Werner Gutmann, President and Chief Executive Officer of PARI Innovative Manufacturers.

New Technology

The innovative technology utilizes the capillary force vaporizer, which is about the size of an aspirin tablet and made of ceramic discs. When liquid is supplied at the bottom of the discs, capillary forces lift the liquid through the discs -- similar to the way water is brought to the top of a tree. Heat is then applied to the top of the discs and phase transition turns the liquid into a vapor that is released through an opening.

This has the ability to drastically change current respiratory devices, such as humidifiers that generate water vapor. Standard humidifiers take 20-30 minutes to begin producing vapor and are about the size of a large concrete block. In testing, PARI Innovative Manufacturers and Vapore engineers were able to create a humidifier that generated vapor in 2-3 seconds and was the size of a D battery. The technology test was also extremely efficient with a 93% energy-use rating. PARI Innovative Manufacturers sees the eventual use of this technology for hospital ventilators and more portable applications for patients on-the-go, in-home treatments, and infant care.

About Vapore, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Vapore, Inc. is the creator of a new method of liquid vaporization -- the capillary force vaporizer. Vapore has proven prototype production and is actively engaged with OEM customers in developing first- generation capillary force vaporizer-based products.

About PARI Innovative Manufacturers

PARI Innovative Manufacturers is the US-based product developer and manufacturer of the PARI group. PARI Innovative Manufacturers supplies PARI products to the US market including the PARI LC STAR(R) and LC PLUS(R), the leading nebulizers for respiratory care, and the eFlow(R) Electronic Nebulizer, a novel nebulizer platform that can be customized for drug/device matching.

PARI, a privately held company founded in 1906, is considered the worldwide leader in aerosol delivery via efficient nebulizer systems. PARI products are well established in clinical trials for existing and new respiratory medications for COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis. PARI products are available in over 70 countries worldwide.

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For more information on this new technology and potential applications for respiratory care, please contact Larry Weinstein at 804-639-7235 x235 or via email at

PARI Innovative Manufacturers

CONTACT: Larry Weinstein of PARI Innovative Manufacturers,+1-804-639-7235, ext. 235; or TynanGroup Public Affairs, +1-805-898-0567, forPARI Innovative Manufacturers

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