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PARI Aerosol Research Institute's eFlow Nebulizer Used In Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) Clinical Trial For Respiratory Syncytial Virus; New Drug Based On RNAi Technology

10/17/2006 10:14:58 AM

MONTEREY, Calif., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- PARI's eFlow, an advanced electronic nebulizer, is being used to deliver Alnylam's ALN-RSV01 in a Phase I human clinical trial initiated this week for the treatment of respiratory syncytial virus infection (RSV). ALN-RSV01 is an RNAi therapeutic which uses the same technology discovered by American researchers and awarded the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine earlier this month.

"There is a significant need for novel therapeutics to effectively treat patients with RSV infection, the leading cause of pediatric hospitalization in the U.S. today and a prevalent infection in immune-compromised adult populations," said John P. DeVincenzo, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

"We are pleased to offer PARI's eFlow platform technology to administer Alnylam's novel inhaled RNAi compound for RSV. Our advanced nebulizer system appears to be ideally suited for delivering this delicate compound to infants' lungs, which is the target site for RSV infection. eFlow's efficiency and speed of delivery can often result in more effective treatments using a lower dose and volume of medication compared to traditional jet or ultrasonic nebulizers," said Dr. Martin Knoch, Managing Director of PARI.

RSV is a highly contagious virus that causes infections in the upper and lower respiratory tract associated with predictable seasonal outbreaks worldwide. RSV infection is the most common cause for infant hospitalization (more than 100,000 hospitalizations annually in the U.S.), and the virus is a significant pathogen in the elderly. The RNAi therapeutic, ALN-RSV01, is a small interfering ribonucleic acid (siRNA) targeting the messenger RNA of the RSV N gene, thereby preventing viral replication. To deliver ALN-RSV01 to the site of infection, the siRNA is being administered as an aerosol in a highly efficient pulmonary delivery system, the eFlow(R) electronic nebulizer, with a high drug output and low residual drug loss.

About eFlow

eFlow, an electronic, portable nebulizer, enables extremely efficient aerosolization of liquid medications via a vibrating, perforated membrane. Compared to other nebulizer systems, eFlow can produce aerosols with a very high density of active drug, a precisely defined droplet size, and a high proportion of respirable droplets delivered in the shortest possible amount of time. Combined with its silent mode of operation, small size (it fits in the palm of your hand), light weight, and battery use, eFlow helps reduce the burden of taking daily inhaled treatments.

About PARI

PARI is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of fast and efficient aerosol delivery systems for patients with asthma, chronic lung disease, and cystic fibrosis. PARI's primary focus is to provide patients with innovative products and services that help control or prevent symptoms from respiratory diseases. PARI also develops inhalable drug products in the area of chronic lung diseases and already has several drug candidates in clinical development. PARI's worldwide headquarters is in Starnberg, Germany with a major presence in the United States and offices in Japan, United Kingdom, and China. Online at

PARI Aerosol Research Institute

CONTACT: Kirsten Ayars, +1-805-452-7909, or Geoff A. Hunziker of eFlowLLC, +1-831-372-3580

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