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Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET) Introduces a New Range of Transfer Plasmids and Expands Distribution Network

4/30/2009 2:37:40 PM

Oxford (UK), 30 April 2009 - Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET), a leading provider of baculovirus-based protein expression products and services, has appointed new distribution partners in North America (Canada, USA); Europe (Scandinavia, Italy and The Netherlands); and Asia (Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea).

The Company has also launched a new range of transfer plasmids with unique signal sequences and promoters, including pOET-1TM and pOET-1NTM that increase cloning efficiency and expression of foreign genes. OET’s latest transfer plasmids and existing expression suite of flashBACTM products (including flashBACGOLDTM, flashBAC10TM and flashBACULTRATM) will be available both directly from the Company and the newly appointed distributors.

pOET transfer plasmids have been designed to be smaller for improved cloning efficiency and ease of use. Both pOET-1 plasmids contain a large multiple cloning site (MCS) allowing foreign genes to be inserted in the correct orientation. AcMNPV sequences flanking the gene in the transfer plasmid’s MCS allow recombination with the flashBACTM DNA to insert the expression cassette into the polyhedron (polh) locus under the control of the powerful polh promoter. Additionally, pOET-1NTM has been designed for high level expression of foreign genes fused to an N-terminal 6×His tag, greatly easing the purification of the recombinant protein using Ni-NTA Agarose.

“pOET-1 is compatible with any baculovirus system that utilises homologous recombination in insect cells, and will enable researchers and scientists to express high levels of foreign genes,” commented James Bernard, CEO of OET. “Our expanded distributor network will allow OET to reach a broader customer base and provide increased support for existing clients, who will be able to purchase their products more quickly and with reduced shipping costs and transportation time,” he added.

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About Oxford Expression Technologies

Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) is a biotechnology company and centre of excellence for baculovirus protein expression. Specialising in the use of the baculovirus expression vector system, a eukaryotic expression system that can express a large variety of recombinant proteins, OET provides protein expression products, services and consultancy to many global pharmaceutical companies. The company was founded in 2000 from a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the Natural Environment Research Council to provide researchers with custom proteins for research purposes. For further details about the Company’s services and products, please visit

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