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OriGene Technologies, Inc. and the Institute for Systems Biology Announce Alliance to Create a SRM/MRM Mass Spectrometry (MS) Standard Database for 5,000 Human Proteins

5/12/2010 9:38:57 AM

SEATTLE, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- OriGene Technologies, Inc., a leading gene-centric life sciences company, and the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), announce plans to create a proteotypic PeptideAtlas and develop an SRM/MRM (single reaction monitoring, multiple reaction monitoring) mass spectrometry standard database for 5,000 human proteins. The new collaboration will apply ISB's novel systems biology mass spectrometry expertise to OriGene's large collection of full length human proteins.

Proteomics research and biomarker development hold great promise in personalized medicine. Mass spectrometry, especially SRM/MRM, has emerged as a new platform for simultaneous quantitative characterization of multiple proteins, thus making it an ideal choice for high throughput proteomics and clinical biomarker research. SRM/MRM is widely used for biomarker identification and quantification, especially when there is no suitable ELISA pair for targets under investigation. Creating the proteotypic PeptideAtlas and SRM/MRM mass spectrometry standard database for 5,000 human proteins will enable quantitative protein analysis and facilitate lab-to-lab data validation.

"The field of proteomics combined with systems biology will push discovery further, but it is essential to validate these discoveries with a large scale mass spectrometry standard database," said Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., ISB's President and co-founder. Dr. Hood continued, "By providing ISB with access to one of the largest collections of full length human protein in the world, this collaboration will rapidly accelerate the validation of ISB's discoveries."

"This is the first time a 5,000 human protein mass spectrometry standard database will be used to advance and accelerate medical research," said Wei-Wu He, OriGene's Chairman and CEO. Dr. He continued, "We are excited to be able to integrate ISB's substantial experience in mass spectrometry with our database and look forward to working with Dr's. Hood and Moritz and their renowned team at ISB to develop early diagnostic tools and treatment solutions for human disease. This unprecedented joint effort of creating a proteotypic PeptideAtlas and SRM/MRM mass spectrometry standard database for 5,000 human proteins will provide extremely important information for the SRM/MRM research community. Undoubtedly it will also speed up the pace of its application in novel biomarker discovery."

About OriGene Technologies

OriGene Technologies, Inc., is a gene centric life sciences tool company dedicated to support academic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their research of gene functions and drug discovery. OriGene's novel product line includes the world's largest cDNA and shRNA clone collections, over 5,000 purified human proteins, high quality monoclonal antibodies (TrueMAB), 100,000 highly validated human tissues, and Luminex Multiplex Assay Products. OriGene also provides a broad range of antibody validation products including genome-wide tagged antigen standards and extensive IHC slides derived from our tissue collection. OriGene is committed to its mission to be "Your Gene Company"; in supplying everything a researcher would need for gene based research. For more information, visit


The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is an internationally renowned, non -profit research institute headquartered in Seattle and dedicated to the study and application of systems biology. Institute for Systems Biology research papers have the highest scientific impact in the United States and the third highest in the world, according to a report evaluating research-centered organizations released in December by the SCImago Research Group. Founded by Leroy Hood, Alan Aderem and Ruedi Aebersold, ISB seeks to unravel the mysteries of human biology and identify strategies for predicting and preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS. ISB's systems approach integrates biology, computation and technological development, enabling scientists to analyze all elements in a biological system rather than one gene or protein at a time. Founded in 2000, the Institute has grown to 13 faculty, more than 300 staff members and an extensive network of academic and industrial partners. For more information about ISB, visit

For inquiries please contact:

James K.Hu

OriGene Technologies,Inc.

Tel: 301 340-3188


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