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Oncotech Presents Innovative Gene-Based Cancer Research Involving Drug Response And Targeted Therapy At The American Association for Cancer Research 2006 Annual Meeting

4/24/2006 12:21:43 PM

TUSTIN, Calif., April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Oncotech, a company focusing on the application of proteogenomic technologies to individualize cancer chemotherapy, presented important gene-based discoveries to detect drug response and resistance in ovarian and melanoma cancers at the 97th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) April 1 - 5 in Washington, DC.

William A. Ricketts, Ph.D., Director of Oncotech Research and Development, commented, "Oncotech is one of the few companies in the world using multiple proteogenomic platforms to analyze differences in drug resistant tumors. While CGH arrays, RNA arrays, SNPs, and proteins each have benefits to their use as a diagnostic, it is the integration of all this information that is the most representative of the actual tumor environment."

Detecting Altered Expression and Activation of Signaling Pathways in Cisplatin Resistant Ovarian Cancer (Abstract # 5089). Oncotech scientists analyzed gene array data from ovarian tumors that were identified as low, intermediate or extreme drug resistant to Cisplatin by the EDR(R) Assay chemoresistance test. Gene expression data from each class of tumor demonstrated changes that could be correlated to drug response. In addition, several key proteins involved in ovarian cancer were analyzed for pathway expression and activation changes. Changes in EGFR, ERK, Akt and STAT3 protein expression between drug responsive phenotypes were found to be statistically significant. Oncotech found that differences in signal transduction pathways are present at the gene and protein level in human tumors with different Cisplatin responses. These differences may provide the basis for new diagnostic development that can improve therapy selection in recurrent cancers. (Abstract available for review at

Correlating Signal Transduction Protein Kinase Levels, SNPs and Drug Resistance in Human Melanoma (Abstract # 925). To better predict drug response, toxicity and predisposition to melanoma, Oncotech researchers evaluated potential correlations between these factors and genetic makeup (SNPs). Melanoma tumors were selected and analyzed for gene mutations in B-Raf in an effort to correlate drug response data and pathway activation. Interestingly, all B-Raf Val599Glu mutant melanoma tumors were found to be sensitive to Cisplatin suggesting a correlation between mutant B-raf and Cisplatin sensitivity. This correlation suggests that the B-Raf Val599Glu SNP status may be a potential diagnostic marker to promote Cisplatin chemotherapy. Based on these promising results, Oncotech will continue to add more patient samples to this study for analysis and eventually expand this study to other cancer types in addition to melanoma. (Abstract available for review at

About Oncotech

Oncotech is a company dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life of cancer patients through its molecular oncology testing services as well as through proteogenomic research leading to the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical products. Oncotech provides testing services to over one thousand hospitals in the U.S. and works with major pharmaceutical companies throughout the world to assist them in the development of new targeted drugs. Oncotech is a market leader in the field of in vitro drug resistance and therapy selection testing. More information on the company is available at


CONTACT: Frank J. Kiesner, President and Chief Executive Officer ofOncotech Inc., +1-800-576-6326

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