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NOVACYT Announces Financing of 1.5 Million Euros

5/7/2012 6:36:20 AM

Paris, 7 May 2012 - NOVACYT, the company that offers safe, new-generation, fully automated cytology systems for cervical cancer screening, announces that it has closed on new financing of 1.5 million euros through a capital increase.

The pool was created between January and April 2012 with:

- Private investors;

- ARKEON Gestion, an investment management firm and 100% subsidiary of ARKEON Finance.

"We are very happy about the confidence shown in us by our private investors and Arkeon Gestion. This pool is intended to finance our business deployment, particularly on the international level," emphasized Eric Peltier, president of NOVACYT. "At present, cervical cancer screening is still limited worldwide and relies on ill-suited technology, and the new approach that we are offering with NovaPrep® represents a promising solution for millions of patients throughout the world."

As a reminder:

- In the area of molecular biology, NOVACYT designs, develops, and markets comprehensive open and applied solutions in liquid-based cytology.

- Cervical cancer is the second-leading cause of death among women worldwide.

- NOVACYT offers innovative methods (equipment and consumables) that optimize the collection and preservation of cell samples, and in so doing improves the analysis and diagnosis of those same cells in screening for cervical cancer.

About the NovaPrep® Processor and the NovaPrep® Vial test

NOVACYT has developed and marketed the new generation of cytology using two components: the NovaPrep® Processor System and the NovaPrep® Vial test.

The NovaPrep® Processor System is the only robotic platform that allows cells to be both spread on glass slides for morphological examination and aliquoted[1] in solution for further study, using molecular biology in particular. The NovaPrep® Processor System naturally fits into the installed base of automated laboratory analysis devices.

The NovaPrep® Vial test. This is the only vial that allows a single extraction from the tip of the brush, using an integrated cell extraction system (filter) where the cell preservative is neither toxic nor flammable. The NovaPrep® vial protects against potential risks of infection thanks to its pierceable/self-sealing stopper, which removes the need for it to be opened, thus avoiding any aerosolization of the HPV and so offering maximum safety to the lab technician.


NOVACYT, which has its head office at Vélizy, was founded in July 2006. Since 2008 it has had European marketing permits (EC labeling) for cervical cancer screening, and since 2009 for special cytology applications involving urine, lungs, thyroid, glands, or breast.

NOVACYT has the benefit of positive validation through clinical testing, the support of opinion leaders, and routine laboratory use of this cytological solution, with more than one million tests already completed.

The company markets its system in more than 10 countries and had an installed base of more than 60 instruments as of late March 2012.

For further information, visit the company website at

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