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Niadyne Release: Latest Advancements In Cellular DNA Repair Revealed

10/5/2006 1:00:47 PM

NEW YORK, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned biochemist, Elaine L. Jacobson, Ph.D., will discuss the latest advancements in cellular DNA repair at the Mentor Paragon Forum Advanced Symposium on Breast and Facial Aesthetics on Sunday, October 8, 2006, in San Francisco, CA.

Specifically, Dr. Jacobson will present her discoveries in relation to the role of niacin and niacin-derived molecules in cellular response to genetic damage and the prevention of photodamage in the skin. Her presentation will include key findings from her research demonstrating that niacin and its derivatives are crucial in preventing cellular DNA damage, enhancing DNA repair, maintaining genomic integrity and, ultimately, strengthening the skin's protective barrier.

Dr. Jacobson's research, performed in collaboration with Dr. Myron K. Jacobson, has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health for more than 28 years, and has led to more than 150 published papers and invited book chapters, and 25 patent applications. Together, their research has led to the discovery of new functions of niacin in skin biology, and the development of novel compounds designed for topical delivery of niacin. One of these compounds has proven so effective that it has been selected by the National Cancer Institute for evaluation as a possible skin cancer prevention agent under the Rapid Access to Prevention Intervention Development (RAPID) program.

Dr. Jacobson is a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry of the College of Pharmacy and a member of the Arizona Cancer Center of the University of Arizona. She is also a principal scientist of Niadyne, Inc., a company dedicated to translating the knowledge of niacin function toward clinical applications.

About Dr. Jacobson

Elaine L. Jacobson received a B.S. and Ph.D. degree in biochemistry from Kansas State University and completed postdoctoral research at the University of Utah and at the Mayo Clinic prior to beginning her faculty career, which included positions at Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas Health Science Center -- Ft. Worth, and University of Kentucky, before joining the faculty of the University of Arizona in 2000 where she is currently a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry of the College of Pharmacy and a member of the Arizona Cancer Center of the University of Arizona. In 2005, Elaine and Myron Jacobson received the Roger J. Williams Award in Preventive Nutrition, an international award recognizing contributions to human health and well being through discovery of new roles of nutrition in human health.

About Niadyne, Inc.

Niadyne, Inc., a privately held company, is involved in the discovery of uniquely efficacious molecules that penetrate the skin to address unmet health care needs. Product development is focused on the treatment and prevention of sun damage to skin and the optimization of scalp and hair follicle function. Recently, the company created NIA 24(TM), a niacin-powered skin care line, based on more than 25 years of biomedical research. The Drs. Jacobson and colleagues developed a patented niacin molecule called Pro-Niacin(TM), the main ingredient in the NIA 24 products. Pro-Niacin facilitates the delivery of niacin deep into the skin, where it helps to stimulate DNA repair and build the skin barrier from the inside out. This remarkable molecule also assists in energy metabolism and stimulation of Leptin release. NIA 24 products are available through leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons and select medi- spas nationwide. For more information about NIA 24 and Niadyne, Inc., visit

Niadyne, Inc.

CONTACT: Stefanie Brychcy, Lane Communications Group, +1-212-757-6880, orLisa Lauri, NIA 24, +1-212-583-3246

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