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New 100-250 mL Scalable Bioreactor System Unveiled at Bioprocess Summit - TAP Biosystems Provides Rational Approach to Cell Line Development and Process Optimisation

8/9/2012 12:05:23 PM

09 August 2012 -- TAP Biosystems, a leading supplier of innovative culture systems and consumables for life science applications is delighted to announce the launch of the ambr™ 250, a new automated bioreactor system for parallel cell culture or fermentation on Booth 21 at the BioProcess Summit on August 20-23, in Boston, MA.

The new ambr 250 System at the BioProcess Summit consists of an ambr 250 workstation which can be configured to automate independent parallel control of 12 or 24, single-use 250 mL bioreactors for cell culture or fermentation. This enables rapid cell line development and process optimisation of CHO or microbial cell lines for efficient scale-up to large scale bench top, stirred tank bioreactors.

The new system, developed with two major industrial partners builds on TAP’s innovative micro bioreactor technology, with additional, features to ensure a realistic scale-down bioreactor model to support QBD. These include increasing the culture volumes to allow greater sampling sizes and the potential to perform a wider range of analytical tests, as well as adding a four channel pumped liquid delivery for continuous pumped feeds to more accurately determine the affects of feeds on cell line performance.

The ambr 250 workstation uses specially designed single-use bioreactors (100-250 mL working volume) suitable for cell culture or fermentation. Since there is no need to clean the bioreactor between runs, there is a fast turnaround between experiments, thus, saving time and providing an efficient high throughput, scale-down system.

For scientists at the BioProcess Summit that want to find out about the effectiveness of the ambr 250 system, Tim Ward, Director of Strategic Product Marketing at TAP Biosystems, will be giving a presentation, which includes CHO cell culture applications data on Tuesday, August 21, at 10 am in Room Pacific D.

Tim Ward, Director of Strategic Product Marketing at TAP Biosystems explained: "Since its introduction our ambr system has been shown by many major pharma and biotechs to be an equivalent model to 2L bioreactors. Users of our traditional ambr system commented that they would like the flexibility to culture mammalian or microbial cells, as well as use feeds and collect larger sample sizes for analysis. We have responded to these challenges and are proud to introduce the larger ambr 250, with additional new features that help mimic the physical characteristics of a classical bioreactor.”

Ward added: “The ambr 250 offers an excellent platform to support QBD. We look forward to meeting scientists at our presentation or on Booth 21 to discuss how the system’s automation and single-use bioreactors make cell line development and scalable process development more time efficient and will provide a step change in their bioprocess productivity.”

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Walker, Head of Communications

York Way, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5WY, UK

Tel: +44 1763 227200 Fax: +44 1763 227201

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