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ND Pharma & Biotech Release: M.A.R.S. Micro Alcohol Reaction System Launched Worldwide

9/21/2012 12:20:28 PM

September 21, 2012 -- M.A.R.S. is a product and a system designed and scientifically engineered to create and produce the alcoholic micro-reaction transformation of general, social and recreational alcoholic drinks and beverages into a less-potentially dangerous substance and to reduce the short term, mid-term and long-term effects derived from alcoholic consumption into the human body, with an improvement of drinks and beverages, liquors and spirits qualities and textures, both visual and organoleptic. M.A.R.S.´s components are 100% natural and mineral elements, worldwide approved as safe ingredients and mineral nutrients essentials for life. M.A.R.S. is sold to producers, distillers, bottlers and other within the industry to let them to elaborate the new generation of alcohol, the future of drinks.


Conscious and concerned about the growing problem of excessive alcohol consumption worldwide, our company conducted deep investigation and extensive research, (expressed in terms of clinical test and verification of results) to create an exclusive process designed and scientifically engineered to produce the transformation of alcohol, alcoholic drinks and beverages, and their combinations, throughout a micro-reaction system, consistent in an easy process of addition to the final product or even its bases, of a specific composition with organic and mineral nature, as a multiple reaction mechanism, recreating immediately over the element, a biologic and biochemical transformation that transform alcohol into a potential less-dangerous product reducing significantly the impact such kind of drinks may have over human living organism and tissues, as such drinks are present on the market actually. Our proprietary system and product protected as industrial secret, acts exercising a five-step initial sequential changing effect. First; micro-molecular fragmentation of alcohol within the drink or elaborated product, second; neutralization of acids present within the alcoholic drink or elaborated product, third; promotion of alcohol metabolism within the body and thus far an increase in the organic alcohol elimination capacity as human fluid compatibility of the transformed alcohol is up to ten times better that the average compatibility of non-transformed alcoholic fraction, fourth; the improvement of the qualities of the drink and/or the elaborated product both visual and organoleptic, making elegant and classy drinks even from lower class distilled raw, and fifth; thanks to all those combined functions, cells, tissues and organs, will receive a significant less potential damage derived from alcohol intake both in the short and long term. This is what we´ve got. This is one of our exclusive world innovations to make our lives better, now! To reduce the undesired and unwanted effects that alcohol consumption have within the human body, is a commercial, scientific and industrial aspect of undoubted interest and many researchers and investigators from a great number of companies tried to solve this problem. As a result of such efforts, different products and preparations appeared on the market, presenting inconvenient effects, side effects, complexity, unproven results, and most of them binding the candidate consumer to travel with a reservoir of such drinks to prevent alcohol effects during all day and/or night. But certainly none of such inventions reached market successfully, globally and with high level of satisfaction. Other complicated situations were created when the health and food safe authorities in different countries banned such products and/or directly prohibited the commercialization of such, in a variety of cases and by a multiplicity of grounded reasons. M.A.R.S., arrived to solve this existing hole within the sector as it is the first proven efficacy, 100% mineral and natural composition with unique properties as described. No other composition elaborated or commercialized, proved its capacity to create the effects that our product and system M.A.R.S. is able to create once added to alcoholic drinks, and to go further we can say that no other product in the world is able to transform alcohol in an elegant and refined drinkable elaborated, modifying only the undesirable elements and transforming it into a less-powerful/less-dangerous one. This is why our company and scientists dedicated an impressive amount of resources and efforts to discover and to produce what finally M.A.R.S. is, not just another product but the first exclusive worldwide micro alcohol reaction system, ready to be added to every kind of alcoholic drink and beverage, and with demonstrated effects on the alcohol behavior out and inner human body, controlling the physiological mechanisms that alcohol consumption tends to alter within the organism and favoring the metabolic actions the body has to accomplish to eliminate alcohol from the inside and restoring the altered functions (mineral ion deprivation mainly) alcohol concentration creates within us.

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