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Marketing Of Loratadine D-24 Hour Makes Leiner Health Products A Leading Supplier Of Best Selling Dosages Of Generic Claritin(R)

10/19/2005 5:08:59 PM

CARSON, Calif., July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Allergy sufferers taking store brand Loratadine products to ease their sneeze will get cost-effective relief round the clock this summer when retailers begin selling a new lower cost store brand Loratadine D-24 Hour. Following its pledge to bring innovative over-the-counter (OTC) products to the mass market, Leiner Health Products will market and distribute the store brand equivalent to Claritin-D(R) 24, known as Loratadine D-24 Hour.

"With the addition of Loratadine D-24 Hour to our store brand Loratadine portfolio, Leiner can supply retailers with dosage forms that cover 82% of the entire Loratadine market. Leiner now offers the three top selling dosage forms: Loratadine 10mg tablet, Loratadine orally disintegrating tablet and Loratadine D-24 hour to top retailers," said Gale Bensussen, President, Leiner Health Products.

Loratadine D-24 Hour offers 24 hours of relief from both allergy and sinus symptoms. As with the other store brand Loratadine products it markets, Leiner expects the D-24 Hour to retail for 25-35% less than its brand equivalent Claritin-D 24.

Leiner currently supplies retailers nationwide with nearly 50% of store brand 10mg Loratadine tablets. The 10 mg tablet remains the top selling dosage form of all the Loratadine products, both branded and store brand. According to recent IRI data ending June 20, 2004, this dosage form represents 46.2% of the total $464.5 million in loratadine sales at food, drug, and mass market stores excluding Wal-Mart. Store brand Loratadine 10mg tablets sell for an average price of $0.37 per pill compared to Claritin's $0.96 per pill price. The company anticipates retailer demand for its new Loratadine D-24 product to rival that of its sibling.

Over-the-counter drugs offer consumers a convenient, effective way to treat illness at a low cost. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Mark McClellan reminded the public earlier this year at a healthcare conference that OTC drugs cost roughly 70% less than their Rx counterparts and are a good way to reduce healthcare costs in this country.

Consumers seem to agree that OTCs are a good value. According to a Harris Interactive poll conducted in August 2003, about 36% of individuals felt OTCs represent a "fairly good" way to reduce their out of pocket drug costs. Responding to this marketplace demand, Leiner will aggressively pursue partnerships with pharmaceutical companies so that it can continue to supply America's retailers with innovative self-medication products.

About Leiner Health Products

Founded in 1973, Leiner Health Products, headquartered in Carson, Calif., is America's largest manufacturer of store brand vitamins, minerals, supplements and diet aids. The company also is the fastest growing store brand manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Selling products exclusively to its retailers, Leiner provides nearly 40 food, drug, and mass and club merchants with over 3,000 products to create extraordinary store brands at bargain prices. It also is the largest supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements to the US military. Leiner markets its own brand of vitamins under YourLife(R) and sells over the counter drugs under the Pharmacist's Formula(R) name. Last year, Leiner produced 27 billion doses offering consumers high quality, affordable choices to improve their health and wellness.

Leiner Health Products

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