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KMR Group Assesses Oncology R&D Trends

7/18/2012 3:24:41 PM

CHICAGO, Illinois, July 18, 2012 -- KMR Group is pleased to announce a new report offering in the area of Oncology R&D. The Oncology Report offers a detailed assessment of Oncology R&D trends and performance and is available to Pharmaceutical Benchmarking Forum (PBF) members, which consists of most of the largest companies in the Industry.

The custom analysis is based on the rich set of underling target and project data that is provided directly to KMR Group through its members. The report places each company in context, comparing its Oncology portfolio over time (for the most recent years through the end of 2011) and its performance against other companies in the Industry.

Among specific topics explored for both Research and Development:

Pipeline – the illumination of how each company fares in terms of its targets and development portfolio and how each portfolio compares in terms of its make-up such as the level of small and large molecules, disease focus, and molecule origin.

Success rates – the examination of industry’s success in this critical arena and how it is changing and reshaping itself. Learn where the most success is occurring in terms of disease and types of molecules and how the research portfolio is shaping its future in the form of target success. Find out why some molecules fail and why through an examination of reasons for termination. At the same time see how success rates change the industry outlook when viewed from the perspective of technical success and failure.

Cycle times are also examined across all of Research and Development and for individual discovery and development phases.

According to KMR Group’s Linda Martin, this detailed analysis of Industry trends and the exploration of issues confronting Oncology R&D are of interest to those who oversee the therapy area from either a research or development perspective as well as those who manage R&D more broadly.

For further information contact:

Linda Martin, Principal Tel: +1 (312) 795-0400 Email:

About Pharmaceutical Benchmarking Forum

Founded in 1997, the PBF is the Industry’s premier source for R&D analytics and performance assessment. Comprised of most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the group meets regularly to examine industry trends and best practices in areas such as R&D productivity, success rates and cycle times. In addition to its flagship study on R&D performance, the PBF identifies key business questions of interest to senior leadership. The answers to these questions take the form of specialist studies and have recently included: biologics R&D, pharmaceutical development, and project cost evaluation.

KMR Group, a leading firm in benchmarking, analytics and performance management as well as a developer of proprietary analytics software, facilitates the group’s benchmarking studies and information needs. KMR has compiled a set of performance data for the PBF that is unparalleled in its quality, consistency, breadth, depth, and reliability.

Current members of the PBF are: Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Research Labs, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche, and Sanofi.

About KMR

KMR has been working exclusively in the biopharmaceutical R&D industry since the early 1990s. KMR is a leader in benchmarking, analytics and performance management as well as a developer of proprietary analytics software. With an exclusive focus on biopharmaceutical R&D and unrivaled commitment to data quality, KMR provides industry with the experience and knowledge to produce clear and uncompromising results in the form of reports, tools and presentations. We use our extensive, unparalleled datasets and experience within the industry to add value to the most pressing business questions. Please visit our website at

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