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KMR Group Announces Release of Global Enrollment Rankings

1/12/2012 1:49:36 PM

CHICAGO, Illinois, January 12, 2012 KMR GROUP, a firm specializing in biopharmaceutical R&D performance, has released its latest global enrollment rankings reports. The reports profile the best places to conduct clinical research for a given disease based on the performance of sites in those areas.

Given the Industry’s growing need for more reliable benchmarks, the reports offer insight into the process of where to conduct studies. Rankings are based on site performance in Phase II and III clinical trials between 2005 and 2010, using site level recruitment information provided directly by sponsors. Results are based on 2 key performance indicators: number of subjects randomized at a given site and the rate of randomization. The reports cover country and region level performance. For example, within the Lung Cancer Report the rankings show that of nine regions, Japan and Asia generally are top regions in terms of volume of subjects per site. See Table 1.

In the country level rankings for Lung Cancer, the top performing countries are in Asia, and include China, followed by Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and India.

In addition to region and country rankings, the reports also order countries within each region. For example, the top performer for Lung Cancer in West Europe is Germany.

Reports are available to purchase by specific disease in the following therapy areas: Cardiovascular, CNS, Endocrinology, Infection, Musculoskeletal, Oncology and Respiratory.

“We are pleased to provide our biopharmaceutical clients with yet another service that can be used to enhance their decision making, especially when it comes to effective strategy, planning and execution in the high importance and costly arena of recruitment.” commented Linda Martin, Principal of KMR GROUP. “These reports, in terms of cost benefit, are a must have for any project manager, enrollment specialist, regional trial lead or anyone interested in performance based assessments of the global recruitment market.”

To view this release in its entirety, including Reference Table 1, please visit For further information about these reports and pricing visit KMR’s Store at

About KMR

Founded in 1991, KMR is a leader in benchmarking, analytics and performance management in the biopharmaceutical R&D industry. KMR’s clinical platform contains the industry's most reliable source for trial performance, recruitment and site metrics data. Clients use KMR’s Enrollment and Site Metrix tools to define recruitment strategies, shape enrollment plans and forecast recruitment. Our newest tool, Site Scorecard, provides companies with access to performance data and industry benchmarks for named sites. For more information about these reports or for a demonstration of any of KMR’s tools, please contact KMR or visit our website at

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