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Joint Conference of the Human Genome Meeting 2013 and the 21st International Congress of Genetics

1/8/2013 10:27:22 AM

January 08, 2012 -- Two major global conferences on genetics and genomics joining forces for the first time in Singapore

Wide range of topics to be discussed, including chronic disease management

Two major international meetings in the fields of genetics and genomics are joining forces for the first time to stage one of the world’s largest conferences in these fields in Singapore this April (2013).

The Joint Conference of the Human Genome Meeting 2013 and the 21st International Congress of Genetics (HGM 2013 / 21st ICG), to be held from 13-18 April 2013 at The Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, will throw focus on a broad spectrum of topical issues for in-depth discussion. It will be accompanied by a trade exhibition.

Themed “Genetics and Genomics of Global Health and Sustainability”, the conference will provide one of the largest knowledge sharing platforms for the international genetics and genomics community. It is expected to have 150-200 speakers and will attract about 2,000 delegates.

The key objectives of the Joint Conference are:

• To gather international industry experts and encourage the growth of knowledge in the genetics and genomics industry

• To build synergy in the corporate sector of the genetics and genomics industry by expanding the participation of corporate firms in the conference

The main audiences for the conference include scientists, researchers, professors in the education and research field of genetics, genomics and medical initiatives. Secondary audiences are PhD students, post-graduate and graduate students in these fields.

The conference will address a wide spectrum of topics including:

- Cancer Genetics and Genomics

- Genetic Medicine of Cardiovascular Disorders

- Genetics of Infectious Diseases

- Environmental Genomics

- Stem Cell Genomics

- Behavioural Genetics

- Genetics of Aging and Senescence

- Genetics of Eye Diseases

- Ethical Controversies in Genetics and Genomics

- Regulatory Aspects of Genetics and Genomics

- Genetic Database and Privacy

- Veterinary Genetics

- Crop Disease and Resistance

- Flowering and Non-flowering Plant Genetics

- Global Health

With the increasing size and age of human populations, the burden imposed by chronic diseases on public health and personal wellness is expanding. Advances in disease management will emerge from new insights into the molecular basis of pathologies unveiled by genetic and genomic investigations.

Similarly, climate change, resource constraints, and environmental degradation raise the urgency for advanced biological solutions to the economic and ecological challenges posed by the growing and developing world population.

This conference will explore the interface between the health of individuals and the health of the planet. Besides the genetics and genomics of human diseases, topics including infectious diseases, cellular and gene therapies, personalised medicine, the fields of animal models, plant biology, comparative genomics, and basic genetic mechanisms will also be addressed.

It will also cover food crop and livestock improvement, ecological genomics, advanced genomic technologies, government policy and the management of a genome-centred bioeconomy.

With mankind increasingly using all the resources at hand in a population-increasing world, it is also imperative that animal and plant, particularly crops, genetics be discussed. This is in view of the urgency to feed a hungry world.

Highly influential speakers will include:

• Allan Bradley, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

• Barbara Meyer, University of California

• Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park Colney

• Jay D. Keasling, University of California

• Joseph Takahashi, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

• Wang Jun, Beijing Genomics Institute

• Krishnaswamy Vijayraghavan, National Centre for Biological Sciences

• Linda Partridge, Evolution and Environment of University College

• Luis Serrano Pubul, Centre for Genomic Regulation

• Michael Stratton, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

• Mike Snyder, Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalised Medicine

• Narry Kim, Seoul National University

• Peer Bork, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

• Qifa Zhang, Huazhong Agricultural University

The organiser of HGM 2013 / 21st ICG is proud to announce Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) as the Congress Collaborator of the joint conference. Key sponsors include Bio-Rad Laboratories, Fluidigm Corporation, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Agilent Technologies and Affymetrix Inc. and Oracle Services. Session sponsors to date include Becton, Dickinson & Company (BD), BioMed Central Ltd, Pacific Biosciences, QIAGEN and the Jackson Laboratory.

About HGM

The Human Genome Meeting (HGM) is the key conference organised annually by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). HUGO was incorporated in Geneva with headquarters in London, which was later moved to Singapore in 2008, with Prof Edison Liu as Executive Director. Started off as a dedicated meeting for Human Genome Mapping, HGM has evolved into a major scientific conference for human genetics and genomics, genomic medicine and genomic biology. HGM meetings have been held in a wide range of host countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

About ICG

The International Congress of Genetics (ICG) has been held since the founding of the science of genetics more than a century ago. Organised by the International Genetics Federation (IGF), it is held once every five years and is affectionately known as the Olympics of Genetics.

IGF was set up in 1968 at the XII International Congress of Genetics in Kyoto as the Section of Genetics of the International Union of Biological Sciences. The Congress provides a platform for researchers from around the world to reflect on progress made in the field of genetics and its impact and anticipate future developments in the discipline.

About BGI

BGI was founded in Beijing on Sept 9th 1999, with the mission of supporting the development of science and technology, building strong research teams, and promoting the development of scientific partnership in the genomics field.

In 2007, BGI’s headquarters was relocated to Shenzhen as the first citizen-managed, non-profit research institution in China. With the integrative structure of research innovation, platform development and industrial application, BGI aims to develop research collaboration and provide scientific support to scientists all over the world, contribute to the advancement of innovative biology research, molecular breeding, healthcare and related fields. BGI is dedicated to facilitate the applications in Healthcare, Agriculture and Environment, to bring about a better life for people.

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