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Intelligent Medical Devices Announces Issuance of a Key Personalized Medicine Patent Entitled "Devices and Methods for Diagnosis of Susceptibility to Diseases and Disorders"

8/24/2011 9:50:41 AM

Cambridge, MA, Aug 24, 2011 - Intelligent Medical Devices, Inc. (IMDx) announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 7,998,679 directed to personalized medicine for methods for determination of the susceptibility of an individual to the cause of one or more medical symptoms. Additionally, the patent discloses methods and systems for the determination of the effectiveness of drug therapies for treating medical symptoms of the particular individual. These novel multiplexed diagnostic methods and systems allow a number of tests to be performed simultaneously under the same conditions, with high sensitivity and specificity and low cross reactivity.

The patented method determines a susceptibility of an individual to a cause of one or more medical symptoms. The method utilizes multiple probes to detect targets, such as infectious agents, that can cause clinical symptoms, in combination with targets, such as genetic markers, that define an individual’s susceptibility to those causes.

These inventions provide many advantages over current diagnostic methods. Using this clinically intelligent design, assay procedures are simplified; reducing costs, risks to healthcare workers, and hours consumed. These methods and assays can quickly provide vast amounts of information to clinicians, using only small amounts of sample. Additionally, these methods can be utilized for many biological sample types to detect multiple infectious agents and disease markers, allowing for development of a wide variety of human diagnostic kits. These technologies are easily adaptable to robotics and instrumentation currently used in clinical laboratories, making it easy for laboratories to implement these new methods. Availability of this new technology, which has the ability to pinpoint the exact cause of a symptom, permits physicians a chance to quickly evaluate treatment options and opens the door to molecular diagnostics for a wide range of medical conditions.

About IMDx

Based in Cambridge, MA, IMDx ( is an innovative company that designs, develops and manufactures molecular diagnostic products. IMDx has developed molecular solutions that are clinically impactful and competitively differentiated for a range of disease areas for current and next generation systems, including targets in infectious diseases, oncology and genetics. IMDx's expertise spans evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, microbiology, chemistry and molecular biology. These capabilities are harnessed by IMDx's proprietary bioinformatics and product development processes allowing for the rapid design and development of tests to meet clinical needs.

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