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InSCREENeX Secures Grant to Develop Liver Cells with Tissue-like Characteristics

11/11/2011 9:18:41 AM

Brunswick, Germany – InSCREENeX GmbH, an innovative developer of customized cells for the biopharmaceutical industry, received a 3-year project grant from Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research under the "KMU-innovativ: Biotechnologie - BioChance" program. Using the funds, InSCREENeX will employ its proprietary CI-SCREEN(TM) technology to design novel human liver cell systems that combine the physiological relevance of primary cells with the convenient maintenance of standard cell lines. These features are unique to cell systems derived from CI-SCREEN(TM).

Liver toxicity is one of the key parameters that determine a compound’s suitability as drug candidate and a frequent reason for drug failure during preclinical and clinical development. It would be highly desirable for drug developers to gain relevant information relating to compound toxicity and metabolism as early as possible. So far, this has been hampered by the limited availability of liver cells that sufficiently reflect the characteristics of liver tissue and can be used in large-scale screenings.

“Our project addresses this significant bottle-neck in biopharmaceutical drug development,” Roland Schucht, CEO and co-founder of InSCREENex comments. “The new liver cell systems will decrease the risk of drug development as inappropriate compounds are excluded early on. This will significantly reduce costs and duration of the drug development process.”

InSCREENeX will develop rodent and human liver cell systems, with different potential applications. “There are several opportunities,” Roland Schucht explains. “On the one hand, we plan to establish a ‘standard’ liver cell system to be used in large-scale screening programs for drug optimization. On the other hand, we will explore CI-SCREEN(TM) for the generation of patient- and genotype-specific human liver cell systems. These could enable personalized screenings as a basis for individual treatment strategies.”

InSCREENeX has already provided proof-of-concept for its CI-SCREEN™ technology for a broad range of cell types including endothelial and epithelial cells as well as chondrocytes and osteoblasts sourced from various organs of mice, rats, cattle and different human donors. Moreover, the company has already attracted global players from the biopharmaceutical industry as partners for the delivery of customized cells based on its CI-SCREEN(TM) or SCREENflex(TM) platforms. ###


Dr. Roland Schucht, CEO

T: +49 (0)531 6181-5080, E:

InSCREENeX GmbH, Inhoffenstraße 7, 38124 Brunswick, Germany


InSCREENeX GmbH was founded in December 2009 as a spin-off of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI). The company develops and commercializes highly innovative cellular screening technologies that can significantly speed up the time- and cost-intensive process of biopharmaceutical drug discovery and validation. Two complementary technology platforms have already been established: SCREENflex(TM) and CI-SCREEN(TM). While the first allows the fast and flexible generation of stable cell lines for primary screening, the second enables the customized design of physiologically relevant cell types for secondary screening and ADME/TOX profiling.

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