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How to do a Cover Letter - What Every Job Applicant Needs to Know

8/3/2011 12:24:33 PM

By Cindy P. Davis

It is important when applying for the job you want that you know how to do a cover letter. This works to add to your resume and give your future employer a clearer picture about you and what you can bring to their organization. Every employer is looking for the best so you have to make yourself stand out in this regard.

Getting employed is in many ways dependent on how well you sell your skills to the people you want to work for. There are several people with the ability to do a particular job, but in the eyes of the people making the decisions there is only really one person who fits the bill for them and they make this decision partly based on information you have provided.

Before doing the actual writing it is best to be prepared and the best way that this can be done is to do some research. If you are going to be working with someone you should know as much as possible. This can then help you tailor your application to meet their specific needs making success more likely to happen.

This knowledge can then be used when you're writing your letter, to show them that you have taken the time and effort to find out relevant details about them. Not only will this help in the written application process but it is also something that will stand you in good stead for an interview as they may ask you about why you applied to them.

The job will generally have been selected from an advertisement. A lot can be learned from the advert for a job so keep this on hand while considering how to do a cover letter and refer to it more than once in the actual text. Someone took the time to create that and place it in the appropriate publication so it can be useful to reference. Standard writing rules apply when it comes to matters of placing the address and date.

The emphasis should be on producing a letter that details your skills, experience and suitability for the post without being too wordy. Produce something that does not ramble on but don't write something too concise as it will appear like you have nothing to say.

In terms of how to do a cover letter, remember that for a professional position you are advised to aim for four paragraphs. These don't have to be long and detailed paragraphs, just enough for you to get your message across. The first one should state reasons for applying and refer to the advertisement. Move on from this and on the second paragraph really let them know why you're ideal for the role.

List professional and personal examples. The third paragraph furthers the sales pitch and allows them to understand how they can best make use of someone like you and include examples from your resume. Wind the letter down in a fourth paragraph by suggesting an interview and stating that you wish to hear from them soon. End with yours sincerely and remember to sign it. This may seem an obvious step, but is crucial to your success in terms of how to do a cover letter.

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