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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Release: New Sensodyne Range Providing 24/7 Sensitivity Protection Launched in Middle East

12/12/2011 9:28:53 AM

December 10, 2011 -- Sensodyne has announced the launch of a new and improved formulation to its potassium range that is currently available in the Middle East. Sensodyne is clinically proven to provide 24/7 relief from the pain of dentine sensitivity all day long.

The new and improved potassium formulations are less abrasive, have a fresh new minty flavour and replace Sodium Lauryl Sulfate with Tegobetaine, a more gentle, surfactant system. Used twice daily, the new formulations provide round the clock protection from the pain of dentine sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth are common, affecting one in three people, yet many do not know that the twinges they experience are a sign of sensitivity and therefore do not actively treat the problem. With the new and improved Sensodyne potassium formulations sensitivity will be easier to address, providing round the clock protection without forgoing any of the benefits of an everyday toothpaste.

Dentine hypersensitivity may be defined as short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentine. It is a prevalent oral problem affecting more than 40 per cent of the adults. Patients with periodontal diseases are at particularly high risk, and some studies have found that over 70 per cent of patients with periodontal disease have experienced dentine hypersensitivity. The condition may last for days, weeks, or indefinitely unless treatments are provided. Many people with dentine hypersensitivity do not specifically seek treatment for this problem but may only mention it at a routine dental visit. This is probably because they do not view it as a significant dental health problem. However, dentine hypersensitivity can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life, in that dietary choices become limited, effective oral hygiene may be impeded, and esthetics can be negatively impacted.

Sensodyne potassium formulations work deep within the tooth by soothing and stopping the nerves from sending pain signals associated with sensitivity. With twice daily brushing, potassium ions gradually build, providing ongoing effective relief from the pain of tooth sensitivity. As Sensodyne potassium formulations work within the tooth, they are unaffected by typical daily challenges such as food, drink and brushing.

The improved range - that comes in an attractive, newly-designed package - provides all the benefits of a normal everyday toothpaste, helping to remove plaque, control and prevent tartar build-up, maintain and promote healthy gums, whilst leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh. Clinically proven relief is demonstrated in as little as two weeks with twice daily brushing.

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