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Endotronix Receives U.S. Patent for Wireless Reading of Biosensor Implants

8/20/2013 10:16:14 AM

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Peoria, IL – August 9, 2013 – The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Endotronix, a digital health solutions company, with U.S. Patent 8,493,187 for its wireless sensor reader. The patented technology is a key component of the Endotronix care management solution that enables patients’ pulmonary artery pressure to be measured and read daily to predict and prevent worsening congestive heart failure (CHF).

Endotronix’s technology powers a small implanted pressure sensor wirelessly, and the pressure reading is retrieved using the newly patented fixed frequency transmission architecture. When compared to swept frequency solutions, the use of a fixed frequency allows for substantially simpler circuitry, lower power requirements, and a smaller form factor for the reading device. As a result, the Endotronix reader can be sized as small as a mobile phone, or integrated into a case or accessory for smartphones and tablets. Alternatively, the reader technology can be scaled up in size so it can function from within a chair or mattress.

“We are working to transform the way information is collected, transmitted, and used to optimize the management of heart failure patients around the world,” said Endotronix CEO Harry Rowland. “We believe that by combining biosensors, mobile devices, and enhanced health management services, the Endotronix solution will potentially lead to better outcomes for patients and improve quality of life.”

The Endotronix solution includes a tiny, implanted biosensor that measures the pulmonary artery pressure and is delivered to the artery via a routinely performed, minimally invasive, low cost catheterization. Unlike other monitoring solutions for heart failure patients, the small implant requires no batteries and does not require puncturing patients’ vessels to place leads. The patented technology enables an external reading device to wirelessly obtain a pressure reading from the implanted sensor. The patient captures this reading by holding the reading device close to his/her chest once a day for a few seconds. The information generated through the hardware is transferred to a secure database and can be displayed using telehealth software for remote monitoring by the healthcare provider. This daily reading enables the care team to be proactive in optimizing the patient’s personal care plan to maintain healthy pressures and potentially prevent worsening of congestive heart failure (CHF) symptoms.

“Our patented wireless technology ensures we have the ability to create hardware that can be portable, convenient, and secure,” said Endotronix Vice President of Product Strategy Dan Kendall. “From a user’s perspective, it also has to be engaging and easy to use for the patient and their care team. We are working to integrate the reader technology with mobile apps and connected software solutions to provide a flexible and complete care management solution for the patient.”

While the initial focus for the Endotronix technology is on CHF, wireless in situ sensing has the potential to measure numerous other clinical parameters of interest in the body, enabling future applications of the proprietary technology.

About Endotronix

Endotronix ( develops digital health solutions with the goal of enhancing the quality of life, improving outcomes, and lowering costs, especially for the 20 million people worldwide who suffer from congestive heart failure. Endotronix was founded in 2007 by Anthony Nunez, MD, and mechanical engineer Harry Rowland, PhD. The company has a suite of technology patents supporting its innovative care management solutions. Endotronix is a privately funded company pursuing its CE Mark and European market introduction.

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