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Empire Genomics and Strategic Medicine Inc. Enter Into An Exclusive Agreement To Provide Comprehensive Molecular Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Solutions

11/17/2008 3:20:20 PM

Buffalo, New York-Kennett Square Pennsylvania Empire Genomics (EG) and Strategic Medicine (SMI) have entered into an exclusive alliance to provide comprehensive products and services to address the personalized medicine market. The field of Personalized Medicine is a rapidly growing field that will represent a major advancement and paradigm shift in the global healthcare arena. However, the skills and knowledge required to bring this promise to fruition are tremendous and typically not resident in current pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

The combined capabilities which both firms bring to bear on the complex issues that surround the development of profitable, robust, effective and clinically relevant disease diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic solutions for the healthcare industry are unrivalled. SMI’s key assets reside in its ability to help decipher the complexity of disease and predict drug safety issues to enhance decision-making in the drug discovery and development processes. A tremendous asset is its well annotated clinical sample repository that affords insight in many disease areas and the technologies developed to support this collection. Dr. Michael Liebman the founder of SMI, “believes that the unique alignment with Empire Genomics services and experience will significantly contribute to the development of more effective and safe drugs, thus benefiting the patient and the physician and improving Pharma’s ROI.”

Empire Genomics, a leader in providing high value genomic services will process samples to help elucidate patient stratification schemes, discovery of novel genomic causes of diseases, gene targeting studies and commercializing new diagnostic and prognostic tests with clients. Anthony Johnson, the President and CEO of Empire Genomics, says, “working with Strategic Medicine and their large repositories of clinical samples as well as expertise in drug discovery will when combined with our high resolution genomic tools will speed up research, discovery and provide a key bridge to missing elements of the discovery and development process. ”

EG and SMI are currently in discussions with several parties to begin using their services in the drug discovery and pharmacogenomic areas.

About Empire Genomics

Empire Genomics, based in Buffalo, New York, utilizes proprietary techniques and a strong scientific knowledge base to provide comprehensive genomic services to help identify and quantify chromosomal and gene abnormalities. Specifically the company has evolved array-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) by developing microarrays that utilize discrete segments of DNA generated from the RPCI BAC clones. These are of considerable diagnostic value to early stage disease detection and treatment, and streamline the process by focusing on the molecular level. The company was founded on the research experience of Dr. Norma Nowak and her more than 100 peer reviewed research publications. More information on Empire Genomics is available at

About Strategic Medicine

Strategic Medicine, based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is an emerging healthcare company focused on translational medicine that will capitalize on the broad trend in healthcare information technology to integrate patient medical information to facilitate better clinical decisions, assess and improve quality of care, share information among hospital communities to improve outcomes, and provide rich clinical information to pharmaceutical companies for drug development, drug safety and clinical candidate selection. By uniquely merging clinical, molecular and imaging data, in a patient-centric data model that is longitudinally focused, accessing a unique tissue repository, and implementing analytical tools that span the clinic, molecular research results and economic models, SMI has established one of the first systems that can establish translational and preventive medicine as a true clinical opportunity and viable approach for pharmaceutical development.

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