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Coral LLC to Become Primary Supplier of Natural Calcium Carbonate to Key Industries

6/14/2012 1:01:45 PM

CARSON CITY, NV (June 14, 2012) – As part of a new strategic partnership with concession owners in the Dominican Republic, Coral LLC, the leading manufacturer of above-sea coral mineral products in the U.S., will serve as the primary supplier of natural calcium carbonate to a host of major industries, including health, pharmaceutical, water, agriculture, pet and more.

In a significant manufacturing expansion, the Carson City, Nevada-based brand will open a new plant in the Dominican Republic in late July 2012 that will provide access to more than 300 million metric tons of material from one of the purest sources of natural calcium carbonate in the world. The facility will allow Coral LLC to increase production to 60,000 metric tons per year while reducing costs to remain competitively priced.

“This new growth and partnership is extremely exciting for Coral LLC, as it allows us to supply one of the most high-quality, superiorly pure products in the calcium carbonate market, with no negative environmental impact,” said Alberto Galdamez, marketing director.

Natural calcium carbonate is an extremely pure (>99% CaCO3) and the bioavailable compound derived from a biological process where marine polyps consumes calcium plus other organic minerals from the sea water and secretes them into a coral formation. In contrast to the limestone-derived calcium carbonates that make up the majority of the market, this natural, “animal-made” calcium carbonate offers a uniquely rich mineral makeup, minuscule amounts of heavy metals and its mining operations produce no environmental impact.

The product is primarily used for food fortification, health supplements, agriculture and animal feed.

Those interested in purchasing Coral LLC natural calcium carbonate can contact a company representative at or (775) 883-9853.

Coral LLC, the leading brand of coral minerals, is the original coral mineral company in the U.S., using only eco-friendly “above-sea coral.” The company is located at 38 Diamondback Way, Carson City, NV. To learn more about the complete line of products visit For more information, images or samples, media may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000, or email

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