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ChromoCure, Inc. (Genome Research Group) Announces Expanded White Paper: Collaboration Creates Authoritative Report on Aneuploidy Theory of Cancer Detection, Therapy and Cure

6/4/2010 11:45:46 AM

LONDON--(Marketwire - June 04, 2010) -

ChromoCure, Inc. (Genome Research Group, Inc. (GRG)) (PINKSHEETS: KKUR) announced today the imminent publication of an expanded White Paper on the Aneuploidy/ Chromosomal Theory of Cancer and its groundbreaking Cancer Detection, Therapy and Cure technologies.

This authoritative paper will integrate the combined Intellectual Property assets and of ChromoCure and GRG, including:

  • ChromoCure's advanced ChromoCure ChromoSomal CS200 and CS300 detection technology

  • Fully automated cell sample preparation cycling, automated multi-patient, multi-sample cell application to slide matrix array

  • On-Slide direct application of DNA-probes using robotic micro-application, and user-selectable chromosome probe types; single or multiple simultaneous probes

Full integration of de-paraffinization and cellular disaggregation of tissue samples for non-cytology originated diagnosticsGRG's full line of therapeutic protocols and technology:

  • Advanced therapeutic modeling protocols and algorithms utilizing hypothermic modulation and resonance that allow for the first time real-time progression monitoring and remission detection

  • GRG's therapeutic results and findings, methodologies and proprietary knowledge in the non-toxic and non-invasive treatment of cancer

  • Real-time progression monitoring and remission detection

Protocols for chromosomal imbalance that include:

  • Full scan of all chromosomes types within the cell population sample, allowing for comprehensive DNA-index quantification and precise measurement of imbalance ratios and amounts

  • Increased data on cancer progression analysis

  • Precise assessment of remission rates and protocol efficacy

In announcing the release of this latest White Paper, ChromoCure (GRG) leverages its recently announced merger to further establish the Company's leading role in the new era of cancer detection, and therapy, and cure.

The Company's cancer detection technology is based on the chromosomal theory of cancer. Research has conclusively and irrefutably demonstrated aneuploidy a more accurate predictor of cancer than cytological/histological analysis or genetic marker-based diagnostics that are the only other methods in existence today.

This announcement adds further impetus to the worldwide increase in medical genome research that has emerged since The Mayo Clinic published its landmark findings confirming aneuploidy as the cause of cancer in the December 2009 Cancer Cell journal. This publication has spurred increased worldwide research by a number of respected research universities and institutions, all of which have published similar reports in 2010, and is cited to be one of the contributing factors behind Walgreens' recently announced mail-in genetic testing kits to be offered at 7,500 of their retail locations nationwide.

The Company's combined technologies have been validated in clinical trials and provide the foundation for significant advances in diagnosis, therapy and cure, and placed the Company at the forefront of both cancer detection and research. Shareholders can expect further updates on research and testing collaborations, laboratory partnerships, and research initiatives.

Management believes these initiatives to be of significant long-term shareholder value and furthers the Company's transition to research, technology development, and licensing as a source of significant long-term and recurring revenues and equity appreciation.

About Genome Research Group, Inc. (ChromoCure, Inc.)

The Company develops and provides proprietary cancer detection systems and related therapeutic technologies. The Company's proprietary cancer detection system locates and measures unique genomic characteristic found in 100% of all cancers and never found in normal cells. The Company's detection technology has a proven and effective accuracy of 100% for all cancers at all stages. The Company's proprietary Therapeutic Modeling Protocols provide statistical modeling and prediction tools for the measurement and monitoring of cancer progression and remission. The Company also applies its technology and knowledge to cancer cure and therapeutics research.

The Company owns proprietary cancer detection systems and related therapeutic technologies and proprietary techniques for non-toxic and non-invasive cancer therapy utilizing hypothermic modulation and resonance. The Company's proprietary CS200 Chromosomal Scanner has been proven accurate and efficient in the measurement of the unique genomic characteristic found in 100% of all cancers and never found in normal cells. The Company's detection technology has an effective accuracy of 100% for all cancers at all stages. GRG's advanced Therapeutic Modeling and Treatment Protocols, combined with its industry and medical research collaborations, validate its leadership role in Cancer Detection, Therapy and Cure.

The Company believes its technology will become the worldwide gold standard for cancer detection, progression measurement, and research for both therapy and cure. The Company also applies its technology and knowledge to cancer cure and therapeutics research.

Safe-Harbor Statement

This release contains statements or projections regarding future performance that are forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties. The company's filings contain various RISK FACTORS (and are incorporated on the Company's website "investors" section by reference) and should be read before any investment decision.

ChromoCure, Inc. (to be renamed Genome Research Group, Inc.)
Tel: +011 (44) 20 7101 9475

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