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ChemoMetec and De Novo Software to Co-market NucleoCounter(R) NC-3000(TM) and FCS Express 4 Image Cytometry Software

10/6/2011 6:07:57 AM

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- De Novo Software, a leading provider of flow and image cytometry data analysis solutions, and ChemoMetec, a provider of premiere bioresearch and pharmaceutical image cytometers, announced a co-marketing agreement today. ChemoMetec's instrumentation and software, including the new FlexiCyte module, will be able to export data for further analysis by De Novo Software's flagship software product, FCS Express 4. The FlexiCyte module adds user adaptable protocols to the recently launched NucleoCounter® NC-3000.

Under the terms of the agreement, ChemoMetec and De Novo Software will co-market the compatibility to customers worldwide. FCS Express 4 Image Cytometry can import NucleoCounter® 3000 Cytometer data, for seamless visualization of multi-parametric results and corresponding images. Data analysis templates for FCS Express 4 will be jointly developed supporting ChemoMetec applications. The templates will facilitate end-user adoption and enable rapid report generation.

Leveraging a long history of excellence in Flow Cytometry data analysis, De Novo Software launched FCS Express 4 Image Cytometry in January of 2011. The new software enables interactive, population-based analysis, while linking back to the individual cellular images that underlie the data. This enables highlighting selected populations of cells in images of or displaying cells of interest in novel cell galleries. These tools significantly improve assay development, workflow, and enable rapid report generation.

ChemoMetec recently released theNucleoCounter® NC-3000, an automated full-spectrum fluorescence microscope with seven light sources, offering a wide array of reliable and user-friendly fixed assays with integrated collection, analysis and reporting of data. The new FlexiCyte module enables the user to perform advanced cell analyses of a broad range of mammalian cells. By editing so-called "user adaptable protocols", it is possible to control excitation times for selected light sources, include or exclude aggregated cells, and setting the minimum number of cells to be analyzed.

David Novo, De Novo Software's president said: "This powerful collaboration immediately enables ChemoMetec customers to benefit from the integrated report generation and publishing tools pioneered by De Novo Software when they require flexibility for adapted protocols or rapid deployment of the existing assay suite."

Soeren Kjaerulff, Senior Researcher at ChemoMetec says: "With this collaboration our customers now have access to the powerful FCS Express 4 Image Cytometry platform enabling fast and efficient batch processing of the huge amount of data produced by the NucleoCounter® 3000 system. For example, the Multicycle AV feature in FCS Express 4 simplifies cell cycle analysis and generates cell cycle statistics from image cytometry data in record time."

Michael Sjaastad, Director of Business Development at De Novo Software commented, "This collaboration builds upon our common platform to aggregate data and images from multiple platforms. This facilitates complex analysis and reporting for flow and image cytometry."

De Novo Software distributes software directly and through strategic partners, and will expand their distribution network in the imaging market. Customers will be able to purchase FCS Express directly from De Novo Software and both companies will provide sales and marketing resources to support ChemoMetec applications. Information regarding webinars and further details about the collaboration can be found on the following websites. or

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