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Cellexus Limited Appoints Alit International Trade Co.Ltd as Distributor in China

5/14/2010 2:07:50 PM

Cellexus Limited, a leading supplier of innovative single use, disposable bioreactors which are designed to simplify and improve cell culture and fermentation bioprocesses, has appointed Alit International Trade Co.Ltd as their distributor in China. This emerging market is growing at a significant rate so appointing a local distributor in China to cover this geography is very important in the Cellexus strategy for geographical expansion to further drive increase in sales of the Cellexus products.

Mr Paul Stubbings, Cellexus Limited Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement, "Alit has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou providing excellent coverage for our products in China. It has a first-class infrastructure dealing with a breadth of products complementary to the Cellexus bioreactors to meet the needs of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry. In emerging and fast growing markets such as China it is extremely important for us to partner with a company that has the local knowledge with established customer contacts and relationships which Alit certainly has. We are very pleased to be adding Alit to our distributor network as we continue to increase our geographical coverage to drive our sales growth.”

Mr David Chen, Manager of Alit International Trade Co.Ltd commented "We are delighted to be working with Cellexus Limited in the sales of the Cellexus single use, disposable bioreactor systems in China." Mr Chen added: “The Cellexus range of high quality bioreactors are complementary to our existing range of products that we offer to bioprocess users enabling us to broaden our product portfolio to meet our customers’ requirements. We look forward to working with Cellexus to meet our goals of building sales of the Cellexus products in China.”

The Cellexus CellMaker systems apply single-use, disposable cell culture bioreactor bags with highly efficient methods to mix and oxygenate. Whilst other systems require shakers, rockers, rollers or large environmental chambers, the CellMaker systems employ a novel airlift technology which is simple, scalable, inexpensive to use and proven to out-perform cell culture in flasks. The CellexusBags, which are the unique single-use, disposable cell culture bags in which cells are grown in the CellMaker Regular system, enable fast set-up times and eliminate cleaning requirements. The CellMaker Regular very efficiently aerates the CellexusBag with controlled air flow providing oxygen for cell growth and gentle and effective mixing to maintain cells in suspension. Pressure control enhances oxygen availability to cells as well as decreases foaming and temperature control enables production of high yields of soluble protein under optimal conditions.

About Cellexus Limited

Cellexus Limited (Huntingdon, UK) provides a range of instruments and value added consumables to help researchers in the biopharmaceutical industry and academia develop new biopharmaceutical products from cell lines.

Biopharmaceuticals are a rapidly evolving range of therapeutics generated by culturing cells in bioreactors and include proteins, antibodies or vaccines, with the possible of future medical treatments offered by stem cell research also falling into this category. Sales of biopharmaceuticals reached US$60 billion in 2005 and are growing at 20% per year.

The Company’s core technology is at the centre of a range of different product configurations and formats the Company offers that can be used for production of biological cells and proteins in a single-use, disposable bag format. This same configuration can also be used in biopharmaceutical manufacture for mixing various materials under clean and sterile conditions. These product range offer significant technological improvements for cell culture and cell growth to the biopharmaceutical industry.

The single-use, disposable (consumable) element of the CellMaker bioreactors that the Company markets is the CellexusBag™. This single use, disposable self contained bag forms a product range which is manufactured under clean room conditions and to the ISO standards required by the biopharmaceutical industry. The bioreactor products come with built-in chiller units and an oxygen generator, which removes the need for piped gas. The gentle flow of gas bubbles mixes the contents and the bag design reduces foaming. The CellMaker equipment used to manage the cell culture process is very simple, efficient and inexpensive to use. A patent protecting the Company’s Intellectual Property in this area was filed in December 2005 with a second patent application filed in June 2007.

About Alit International Trade Co.Ltd

Alit International Trade Co.Ltd is a professional company supplying advanced laboratory instruments and technologies in China. The major markets the Company addresses with a range of manufacturer’s products are in the biopharmaceutical, chemical and food laboratory industries. The Company works with a variety of reputable European and American companies that development and manufacture advanced scientific laboratory instruments and related consumables. The Company strives to work with high quality suppliers to introduce the best range of scientific instrumentation, providing cost effective solutions for customers in China.

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