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Celestar Lexico-Sciences And Genomics Collaborative, A Division Of SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc., (SRLS) Announce Successful Validation Study For Large-Scale In Situ Hybridization Technique Using Frozen Human Tissue

10/19/2005 5:13:01 PM

WESTWOOD, Mass. and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Celestar Lexico-Sciences, Inc., a Japanese life sciences R&D company and a spin-off from Fujitsu, today announced the successful completion of a validation study of its proprietary, "Large-scale in situ Hybridization" (LisH) technology, in partnership with Genomics Collaborative, Inc. (GCI), designed to determine novel methods of using human tissue samples for high throughput gene expression.

The validation study utilized Celestar's LisH technology, and leveraged GCI's Global Repository(R) of over 550,000 human biological samples in DNA, serum and tissue. To evaluate the effectiveness of LisH using frozen human tissue, Celestar selected 26 genes to examine in breast cancer tissue samples provided by GCI.

The LisH technique provides micrographs showing expression of specific individual genes in normal and/or diseased tissues, creating a gene expression image database. Celestar pioneered its LisH technique by building massive gene expression databases, such as its LisH Standard Mouse Database, which comprises 2,200 genes in eight different tissue types in normal mice, in a database of over 25,000 LisH images.

Dr. Hirofumi Doi, President and Founder, Celestar-Lexico Sciences, said, "The project was a proof-of-principle study to explore how Celestar's LisH technology, in conjunction with GCI's Global Repository(R) human tissue samples, could perform much higher throughput expressions than anyone else has ever done before -- with greater sensitivity."

Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Genomics Collaborative, noted that, "The combination of technologies like LisH with human tissue samples from Global Repository(R) significantly enhance the discovery of disease-related genes, and the evaluation of efficacy and safety for drug candidates, especially when analyzed in the context of extensively phenotyped data. This is a capability with clear practical use in the pharma research community."

Fujitsu America, Inc., serves as Celestar's North American agent and helped facilitate the collaboration with GCI. "The value of this study is that by validating techniques for the use of frozen human tissue in gene expression, the LisH technology will strongly enhance the ability of researchers to utilize their expression results as reference data against their own experimental data from diseased tissue samples or tissue samples taken after drug treatment. The ability to use human tissue as well as mouse tissue provides an even higher degree of confidence in the observed results," commented Dr. Michael McManus, Vice-President of the BioSciences Group of Fujitsu America, Inc.

About Celestar Lexico-Sciences, Inc.

Celestar Lexico-Sciences, Inc. is a Japanese life sciences, biomedical and biological R&D company committed to providing novel insights into human healthcare by developing advanced technologies for creating new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Through a base of expertise spanning biotechnology, IT and bioinformatics, Celestar has developed a diverse collection of innovative proprietary technologies for understanding disease mechanisms, drug mechanisms and toxicity, to enhance pharmaceutical companies' drug development capabilities and processes.

Celestar's technologies include LisH(TM) (Large-scale in-situ Hybridization), for comparing mRNA localization at the cellular level across different tissues on a large scale and at high speed; PPIP(TM), an in silico method for predicting protein-protein interactions; and MedTAK(TM), Celestar's proprietary, natural-language text mining system for biomedical literature to increase research productivity, co-developed with IBM Japan, Ltd.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael McManus at or visit

About Genomics Collaborative and SeraCare Life Sciences Inc.

SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. is a manufacturer and provider of biological products and services for diagnostic, therapeutic, drug discovery, and research organisations. The company's offerings include plasma-based therapeutic products, diagnostic products and reagents, cell culture products, specialty plasmas, in vitro stabilizers, and SeraCare's GCI division, comprised of clinical data and samples (DNA, RNA, tissue, and serum) for the application of human genome studies to target identification and validation for drug discovery. SeraCare's GCI division includes GCI Access(TM), which provides drug and diagnostic companies with access to its 600,000-sample Global Repository(R) of well phenotyped human DNA, serum, and tissue, as well as its customized research and gene validation services.

Headquartered in Oceanside, California, SeraCare conducts business throughout the world, and its common stock is traded on the Nasdaq national stock market under the symbol SRLS.

For more information, contact Kevin Krenitsky, M.D. at 617-661-2400, or visit

Celestar Lexico-Sciences, Inc.

CONTACT: Dr. Michael McManus,, for CelestarLexico-Sciences, Inc.; or Kevin Krenitsky, M.D., +1-617-661-2400, for SeraCareLife Sciences, Inc.

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