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Caliper Life Sciences Advances Preclinical Imaging With Living Image(R) Multi-Modality Software Module and Mouse Imaging Shuttle

9/9/2010 3:25:00 PM

HOPKINTON, Mass., September 9, 2010 — Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. CALP, a leading provider of tools and services for drug discovery, life sciences research and molecular diagnostics, today introduced software and accessory items to enable the direct co-registration of images from multiple preclinical imaging modalities. This toolkit, comprising the new Living Image® Multi-Modality Software Module and the Mouse Imaging Shuttle, provides for integration of data from Caliper's IVIS® optical imaging systems with data from Caliper's Quantum FX microCT as well as data from third-party microCT, MRI, PET and SPECT instruments. Caliper provides a unique level of support by offering biologists a complete suite of co-registration tools without the need for complex third-party software.

Co-registration allows researchers to overlay images from multiple imaging modalities, providing more comprehensive insight into the molecular and anatomical features of an animal and its biology. For example, optical imaging data, which may be used to identify and quantify tumor burden at the molecular level, can be integrated with microCT (x-ray micro computed tomography) data which provides complementary anatomical detail and morphological quantification.

With the Living Image Multi-Modality Software Module, researchers can directly import data from preclinical microCT, MRI, PET and SPECT into the Living Image software environment for combination with 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence images from an IVIS Spectrum optical imaging system. The software contains advanced visualization features, and the Mouse Imaging Shuttle immobilizes the animal for transport between the different systems to enable high-quality co-registration. The multi-modality kit has been optimized for use with Caliper's IVIS Spectrum and Quantum FX microCT imaging systems to enable comprehensive longitudinal imaging of a single animal over multiple time points without harming the subject. Living Image software is now uniquely capable of processing quantitative, functional optical data and integrating it with the anatomical views familiar to clinicians.

"Caliper's in vivo imaging solutions serve as a bridge between the laboratory and the clinic," said Kevin Hrusovsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, Caliper Life Sciences. "Allowing researchers to layer images from a variety of imaging modalities enables a more a complete view of disease progression to help understand a compound's therapeutic potential sooner and progress drug candidates to clinical trials faster. Caliper is leading the market with our ability to not only generate extremely high quality 3D optical data and microCT images, but also to integrate images across a wide variety of platforms. This new co-registration toolkit is another component of our expansion strategy to address the $500M preclinical imaging market."

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About Caliper Life Sciences

Caliper Life Sciences is a premier provider of cutting-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences industry to create life-saving and enhancing medicines and diagnostic tests more quickly and efficiently. Caliper is aggressively innovating new technology to bridge the gap between in vitro assays and in vivo results and then translating those results into cures for human disease. Caliper's portfolio of offerings includes state-of-the-art microfluidics, lab automation and liquid handling, optical imaging technologies, and discovery and development outsourcing solutions. For more information please visit

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