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BNC Scientific Introduces World's Fastest Lock-in Amplifier Ever Commercially Produced

2/22/2012 12:21:26 PM

San Rafael, CA –February 21, 2012: BNC Scientific, the exclusive North American partner for Zurich Instruments is proud to carry the fastest commercial lock-in amplifier (LIA) ever commercially produced. Zurich Instruments, the technology leader for lock-in amplifiers, has developed the UHFLI (Ultra-High Frequency Lock-in Amplifier), establishing a precedent in LIA’s. The UHFLI performs measurements as high as 600 MHz three times faster than any other current lock-in amplifiers.

The UHFLI extends both Zurich Instruments’ scientific support and BNC Scientific’s scientific instruments of high-end research into the fields of quantum and nanophysics, laser spectroscopy, and bio-engineering, to name a few. Zurich Instruments’ (ZI) headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland, with BNC Scientific’s headquarters in San Rafael, California, providing direct customer service and support to North American customers.

ZI’s recent design allows for the highest performance of signal analysis. UHFLI is an all-in-one box instrument, demodulating signals up to 600 MHz and providing 100 dB dynamic reserve over the entire frequency range. This lock-in amplifier masters domain signal analysis as it uses several instruments never before combined in an instrument. This time/frequency toolbox includes an oscilloscope, a frequency response analyser, and an FFT spectrum analyser. UHFLI is able to simplify many laboratory steps, with its all-in-one box concept.

In the past, scientists, biologists, and chemists who have had to build custom instruments or run between instruments to measure frequencies of up to 600MHz. The UHFLI allows our customers more time to spend on their research.

According to Alex Palm, Vice President of BNC Scientific: "This new 600 MHz digital lock-in amplifier is a major technological advancement when compared to all other instruments currently on the market, and I believe will become the benchmark for all other companies to follow. The UHFLI sets a very high standard for accuracy and performance, thus providing new solutions and capabilities to our customers."

BNC Scientific is a division of Berkeley Nucleonics which addresses growing demands in the science community for strong US-based service and application support. BNCS represents best-in-class instrumentation and software products for applications in research.

For additional information of Zurich Instruments’ UHFLI, please visit or call 866.276.6188.

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