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Biom'Up Launches the Covamesh™ Abdominal Wall Reinforcement Implant

6/14/2013 2:32:45 PM

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Lyon, France, June 14, 2013 – Biom'Up, a specialist manufacturer of absorbable medical implants, today announces the launch of its new wall reinforcement implant, Covamesh. Made from Biom'Up's anti-adhesion collagen membrane, Cova, and a polyester textile layer with special markings for ease of placement during surgery, Covamesh is designed to fulfil surgeons' needs in abdominal surgery, particularly in laparoscopic procedures.

The Covamesh medical implant is simple, easy to use and easy to place thanks to its markings. It provides a new solution to problems encountered by surgeons regarding abdominal prostheses. The Covamesh collagen membrane is ultra-resistant, absorbable and biocompatible. It has been specially designed to minimize the risk of post-operative adhesions, which can cause pain, discomfort and numerous complications for patients. The markings on the textile make it easy to position and detect during laparoscopic procedures. Lastly, the 3D textile membrane ensures better tissue integration, providing effective reinforcement of the abdominal wall.

Covamesh is different from competing products in its design, with the innovative choice of a patented collagen formulated to support effective application of the polyester-based textile layer. Biom'Up collagen is ultra purified, xenogeneic and acellular to provide full biocompatibility. It is used to make the Cova membrane, which has been on the market since 2009 and has proven its worth as a conformable, resistant and effective means of preventing adhesions. Covamesh is a sterile implant for single use. It is designed and produced in accordance with European regulations and the applicable international standards. Covamesh was CE certified in January 2013.

“Surgeons were unanimous in asking us to combine this anti-adhesion membrane with a non-absorbable textile reinforcement when developing Covamesh,” said Patricia Forest, the scientific director of Biom'Up.

Used primarily in abdominal wall repair operations, Covamesh strengthens the abdominal wall in the treatment of eventrations and umbilical hernias and is suitable for use in laparoscopy and intraperitoneal laparotomy. As an example, almost 60,000 laparoscopic and laparotomic eventration repair procedures are performed each year in France. In over 60 per cent of these procedures, a prosthesis has to be fitted. Complications arise in around 15 per cent of cases.

The Covamesh anti-adhesion mesh represents a genuine innovation as it reduces the risk of post-operative complications. This enhances security for the surgeon and improves post-operative comfort for the patient.

“The use of Covamesh reduces post-operative complications for the patient, particularly the pain and tightness that result from the formation of adhesions on the wall reinforcement,” said Dr Olagne, surgeon at the Tonkin clinic in Villeurbanne, France.

The market for abdominal prostheses is estimated at USD 1.5 billion worldwide. It is a stable market, with few innovations.

“When it was presented to the SFCE 2013 endoscopic surgeons conference the Covamesh abdominal wall reinforcement attracted a lot of attention from professionals working in the sector,” said Philippe Francy, director of sales for France for Biom’up. “Covamesh adds beneficial new features to Biom'Up's Cova technology. It combines a 3D textile layer with markings that have, crucially, an effective anti-adhesion layer using the Cova membrane. This is for placement against the abdominal wall.”

About Biom'Up SA

Biom'Up is an innovative medtech company with roots in the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), France's national institute of applied science, in Lyon, and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universite Claude Bernard, also in Lyon. With specialist expertise in biological material and processing absorbable biopolymers such as collagen, Biom'Up designs, develops and manufactures absorbable medical implants for a variety of surgical applications, from nerve regeneration to cardiothoracic surgery.

After developing and manufacturing biological material for third parties, in 2007 Biom'Up began to pursue a proprietary strategy, with the approval of two initial innovative proprietary ranges, Cova and Matri Bone. The Hemosnow and Covamesh ranges, designed and launched in 2012 and 2013 respectively, round out a range that aims to provide surgeons with new solutions for improving medical value and patient well-being:

• Covamesh is a double-sided polyester abdominal wall reinforcement with an absorbable collagen membrane designed to prevent adhesions. Featuring Cova technology, Covamesh is used mainly in abdominal wall repair procedures.

• Hemosnow is a hemostatic powder with a long shelf life, used in all types of surgical procedure. It incorporates collagen which activates the extrinsic coagulation pathway and polysaccharides which ensure improved blood absorption and potentiate blood response to contact with collagen.

• Cova combines unique mechanical properties with the benefits of an absorbable, biocompatible product to create an anti-adhesion membrane for use in guided tissue regeneration. The Cova membrane has been used successfully in digestive and cardiothoracic surgery and in orthopedic limb, spinal, dental and implant surgery. The Cova range obtained initial FDA registration in 2011.

• Matri Bone is a pliable, stable bone regeneration matrix offering unparalleled ease of use. Matri Bone is used in orthopedic, maxillofacial, dental and implant surgery.

Biom'Up was founded in 2005 by Sylvain Picot, Patricia Forest and Dr Christian Gagnieu and is based in Saint-Priest, in the Rhone department of France. The company employs 36 people, including eight engineers and four doctors .In addition to marketing its proprietary ranges, the company invests in the development of new ranges of innovative medical implants and biological materials, for better patient care and to meet surgeons' needs in the area of regenerative medicine. The company aims to develop new solutions that provide surgeons with greater certainty in surgery and reduce post-operative complications.

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