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BioDiscovery, Inc. Releases Nexus Copy Number Version 6.0 for DNA Copy Number Analysis and Visualization

8/24/2011 2:05:06 PM

EL SEGUNDO, CA, August 24, 2011 – BioDiscovery, Inc. a leader in integrated software solutions for genomics data analysis from high-throughput microarray and Next-Gen sequencing technologies, announced today the release of version 6.0 of Nexus Copy Number software, the leading platform independent and user friendly application for DNA copy number analysis from CGH and SNP array data. Tools to handle complex genomes, new methods to identify high frequency aberrations, and more user control over display and reporting are among the many new features.

SNP and CGH array researchers are constantly looking for new tools and algorithms to effectively pull relevant information out of data. BioDiscovery seeks to empower scientists to confidently analyze any amount of data using the latest well-accepted published algorithms utilizing a well-designed and simple to use interface. In this vein, Nexus Copy Number version 6 integrates the Genomic Identification of Significant Targets in Cancer (GISTIC) algorithm for identifying significant regions of common genomic abberations as well as the Allele-Specific Copy Number Analysis of Tumors (ASCAT) algorithm for addressing sample aneuploidy and mosaicism to its repertoire of existing algorithms and approaches. In addition to such analytical enhanchancments, a significant number of new capabilities have been added to version 6 to provide the user more control over display and reporting and generation of publication quality graphics.

“Nexus Copy Number is increasingly becoming the software of choice for researchers working with CGH and SNP array data who want quality results generated quickly and easily via an elegant user interface.” said Dr. Soheil Shams, President of BioDiscovery. “Not only does Nexus Copy Number provide reporting and visualization to a single user but it also is a gateway to ease collaborative work in a group setting. Its integration with Nexus DB, the cloud-based repository, is gaining momentum as an easy to use tool for sharing results. Many new enhancements have been made to version 6 of Nexus DB including autonomy in creating groups for sharing data which users will find tremendously helpful in their work.”

Nexus Copy Number can integrate and process together, in a single project, data from commercial array platforms such as Agilent, Affymetrix, Illumina, Roche NimbleGen, Next Gen read depth, as well as custom arrays. With its free access to a web-based repository for querying, and storing genomic data from any location across the globe, Nexus Copy Number is a powerful solution for large groups such as special consortia. The software is applicable to many types of studies from focused projects of a cytogeneticist to large scale cancer or GWAS studies. BioDiscovery is attuned to such different needs and offers the product in a flexible and modular system to allow users to create configurations that are suited to their needs.

About BioDiscovery, Inc.

BioDiscovery is a leader in the development of advanced microarray bioinformatics software and services that enable its customers to revolutionize drug discovery and diagnostics by efficiently managing, integrating, and analyzing data generated using high-throughput microarray technology. Contact BioDiscovery: 310-414-8100 or

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