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BioDiscovery, Inc. Releases ImaGene 9.0 for Array Image Quantification and Visualization

3/18/2010 3:44:17 PM

El Segundo, CA, March 18, 2010 - BioDiscovery Inc., the leading developer of integrated software solutions for high-throughput technologies announced today the release of ImaGene 9.0 for microarray image analysis. The new features include improved memory performance for the latest high density arrays, streamlined processing pipeline focused on image quantification and intensity extraction, and new modular design with options to add modules for analysis of gene/miRNA expression or CGH data.

Continuing in its tradition of providing a versatile and robust image quantification software, ImaGene 9.0 further strengthens its core function of image analysis and replaces its GeneSight-Lite analysis feature with optional external modules for downstream analysis. “We have revamped the design of version 9.0 to bring to the forefront its principal function of spot quantification by removing internal downstream analysis tools.” said Dr. Soheil Shams, President of BioDiscovery. “Instead, a new modular design allows more choices and flexibility in providing an option to add modules for gene regulation analysis as well as CGH analysis. These modules are versions of BioDiscovery’s popular Nexus family of products. The gene regulation analysis module is Nexus Expression-Lite designed for analysis of a small number of samples (24). Nexus Solo, based on Nexus Copy Number, provides an easy to use interface and integration with external databases for single sample analysis of CNVs from CGH arrays. We feel this new design with a strong core for image quantification and additional optional downstream analysis modules provides a complete and highly efficient package for array image and data analysis."

ImaGene is recognized by industry experts as the most complete with highest quality results and the easiest to use microarray analysis package available. With single click automation, integrated advanced quality control parameters, numerous patented segmentation and contamination removal algorithms, and hundreds of active customers worldwide, ImaGene remains the leader in microarray image analysis. ImaGene is available for OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems.

About BioDiscovery

BioDiscovery is a leader in the development of microarray advanced bioinformatics software and services that enable its customers to revolutionize drug discovery and diagnostics by efficiently managing, integrating, and analyzing data generated using high-throughput microarray technology. Contact BioDiscovery: 310-414-8100 or

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