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Biocitech SAS Announces the Arrival of Biobank for Life as New Resident

12/1/2011 12:21:24 PM

Biocitech, December 1, 2011 - Biocitech, the Parisian technology park devoted to life sciences, announces today that BioBank for Life, a company dedicated to the storage of biological resources, is the latest life science company to take up residence at Biocitech. BioBank is the third new resident since the beginning of 2011. The company moved into the park in September this year and its presence further strengthens the range of services available at Biocitech for French and European biotechnology companies and for other Biocitech residents.

BioBank for Life, set up in May 2011 with help from a local body, Initiative 93, stores biological resources for publicly- or privately-owned research centers and healthcare establishments. The company offers ambient or very low temperature storage depending on the nature of the samples. It is one of the few companies in France to offer high capacity, very low temperature storage (from -80C to -150C).

Collections of biological resources have become indispensable tools for scientific research over the last few years and are experiencing a boom in demand. The main use of these collections is in the development of biomarkers, indicators of normal or pathological processes or responses to treatment. Another growth area has been big epidemiological cohorts, which involve clinical data and biological samples that have to be monitored for years and sometimes decades. These developments mean demand for storage is outstripping supply in existing storage centers for biological resources, especially as more and more duplicate samples or mirror banks are being kept as a safety precaution.

Samples and biological data are typically taken from humans, animals or plants in the form of serum, plasma, DNA, cells, tissues etc. These samples are then analyzed and classified. BioBank for Life takes over when the resources are stored and when computerization of the data takes place by providing complete solutions that are compliant with safety and quality standards. The resources are picked up from the customer and transported to the storage site. They are then stored in low and very low temperature refrigeration units for the frozen biological resources (refrigerators are rated -20C, -80C and -150C), or at controlled ambient temperature not exceeding 20C for anatomo-cytopathology glass slides and paraffin-embedded tissues. The stocks are managed by computers to ensure their traceability (using an electronic chip or bar code).

"Our main reason for setting up at Biocitech is because the site is extremely secure - an absolute requirement for our business," said Isabelle Beillard, manager of BioBank for Life. "We expect to hire around ten people over the next five years as part of our growth plan."

"BioBank for Life's expertise gives a further boost to the wide range of services already available at Biocitech both for our residents and for French and international companies generally," said Jean-Fran├žois Boussard, Biocitech president. "The arrival of this new resident shows that the Biocitech ecosystem, built around market-focused companies, continues to go from strength to strength alongside its activity of providing custom solutions for newly-created start-ups."

For further information on BioBank for Life:

Doctor Pascale Moreau +33-9 72 29 36 96

Isabelle Bellard +33-9 72 29 40 50

About Biocitech

Biocitech is a privately-owned technology park for life sciences that affords a world-class industrial and service environment for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and fine chemical companies. Located on the outskirts of Paris, only 20 minutes from the city center and Charles de Gaulle airport, Biocitech provides secure premises of a high technological standard that are ideal for research and development. As well as office and laboratory space, it offers a comprehensive range of technical and scientific services that enable entrepreneurs to concentrate their resources on their core activities. It has received regulatory approval for conformity to environmental protection standards. Companies already established at Biocitech represent a wide variety of complementary disciplines affording considerable synergies, and many are collaborating along the whole drug development chain. Along with other organizations in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, Biocitech plays a key role in the Medicen Paris Region network, a healthcare and new therapy cluster designated by the French government as internationally competitive and hence qualified for special privileges.

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