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Bio-Synthesis Launches Peptide Library Generation Tools Software

9/4/2009 9:52:45 AM

LEWISVILLE, TX (September 1, 2009) – Long established custom biomedical manufacturer, Bio-Synthesis, Inc., has launched the Peptide Library Generation Tools Software, a versatile platform complete with six powerful screening tools, each designed to help with epitope identification and sequence optimization to best fit the customer’s current/future applications. The tools include Overlapping Peptide Library, Alanine Scanning Library, Positional Library, Truncation Library, Random Library and Scrambled Library.

Each library has a different ability to assist and evaluate sequences based on the researchers specific needs. The overlapping library breaks down the original protein or peptide into fragments of equal length which allows the researcher to see which segments of the original protein or peptide yield the highest activity. The alanine scanning library is extremely useful in identifying which amino acids are essential to the peptide’s function by indicating the level of importance associated with each replaced amino acid.

The positional library is used when a position or positions in a peptide sequence are each replaced with different amino acids in order to determine the preferred amino acid residues at these positions. The truncation library is extremely useful for determining the minimum length required for optimum peptide activity. The goal of the random library protocol is to substitute randomly selected amino acids with a mixture of all 20 amino acids. The scrambled library is used to examine all possible combinations of the same amino acids from the original sequence.

As technology advances, screening tools such as these libraries prove to be invaluable to research, with each library having its own ability to quickly and efficiently examine and screen a sequence for epitope identification and sequence verification. The sequences generated through the Peptide Library Generation Tools Software can then be passed to Bio-Synthesis, Inc. for custom synthesis, a feature adding to the comprehensive approach to support the growth of more efficient, cost-effective, and focused research.

About Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

Bio-Synthesis Inc, headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, is a leading biomedical manufacturer of custom peptide synthesis, custom antibodies, Custom PNA Synthesis, custom DNA, RNA synthesis , HLA/DNA typing, organic synthesis and a diverse number of bimolecular products for the biomedical/life science community worldwide since 1984. Their staff of highly experienced and qualified chemists, biologists and immunologists has reliably and consistently provided products and services to large pharmaceuticals and universities across the country that meet the most demanding requirements for quality, turnaround and expert technical support.

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