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BG Medical Technologies Release: BudGenius Speaks About Cannabis Testing at PCA-LA Event

6/15/2012 9:00:26 AM

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (OTC: RIGH) and, presented at yesterday's PCA-LA event attended by Los Angeles County - Orange County dispensary operators, cannabis industry professionals, and medical marijuana patients. The event was hosted at Phototron Holdings, Inc. corporate center, an LED lighting company popular with cannabis patients and farmers.

BG Medical CEO, Angel Stanz, joined Eric D. Shevin, Esq., Lee Nackameyer, CPA, and PCA-LA Executive Director Marc O'Hara, in a presentation that showcased resources presently available for dispensary owners to reduce federal pressure through industry unity, and how to guard against inappropriate investigations. Mr. Stanz spoke about current medical marijuana testing practices, and highlighted the importance of selecting a reputable cannabis laboratory. He also presented a vision of how cannabis testing and related technologies are expected to evolve patient interactions in the near future.

"In today's political landscape it is critically important that dispensaries are operating to a medical standard that best serves patients and lawmakers through comprehensive testing of their complete catalog of cannabis medicine," explained Angel Stanz. "We're excited that PCA-LA is graciously putting forth their resources to unite Los Angeles area collectives through decisive action to protect legally-compliant cannabis professionals."

PCA-LA Executive Director, Marc O'Hara, addressed the audience on the value of a new industry-specific trade group focused on increasing the medical cannabis community's political and financial power. Discussions covered methods for operators to guard against inappropriate (and perhaps illegal) LA police and sheriff search warrants. He also stressed the vital importance of implementing medical marijuana legal compliance and business practices that have earned favorable precedent in recent court cases.

"PCA-LA is dedicated to empowering and further legitimizing the LA-based medical marijuana provider and patient community through positive relationship building within our industry, and with the governmental agents who interact with our industry," stated PCA-LA Executive Director, Marc O'Hara. "BudGenius is exactly the kind of sophisticated, cutting-edge and highly ethical service provider with whom we want to pursue our goals. We are deeply grateful that BudGenius founder Angel Stanz values our work as much as we do his. Angel is a spectacular partner to help us achieve our visionary medical provider goals."

About BG Medical Technologies

BG Medical Technologies develops ancillary support services for medical cannabis patients and professionals, including its flagship medical marijuana research laboratory and website portal, BG Medical Technologies, Inc. currently trades under the symbol OTC:RIGH. Symbol and name change pending.

Angel Stanz
BG Medical Technologies, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
(855) 723-­3283

Marc O'Hara
Patient Care Alliance, Los Angeles
Executive Director
(805) 583-1500

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