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Ballantine Publishing Group, The Release: Study Reports Chlorella May Be Beneficial in Radiation Protection

4/5/2011 9:36:12 AM

Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2011 - Japan is in a state of emergency as a result of the earthquake and resulting tsunami that was concentrated in the northeast area of Japan. Many people are exposed to the harmful radiation being emitted in the air as a result of these tragedies. Studies have shown that the Superfood Chlorella detoxifies chemicals in the body. A study done in 1993, "Evaluation of radioprotective action of a mutant (E-25) form of Chlorella vulgaris in mice"

Sun Chlorella Helps with Detoxification

Sun Chlorella, which is considered to be "Nature's Perfect Superfood," is one of the most powerful healing foods on earth. Chlorella emerged over 540 million years ago, and was the first form of plant life with a well-defined nucleus. With its key vitamins, antioxidants and 18 essential amino acids, Sun Chlorella helps to not only remove potentially toxic metals from the body, but also boosts the immune system and helps aid in more efficient digestion. Chlorella contains CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), which gives the body a revitalizing boost and naturally occurring chlorophyll, nature's most powerful purifying agent. Sun Chlorella contains the highest percentage of natural chlorophyll of any plant source.

In addition, Sun Chlorella USA offers Sun Eleuthero, which is an herb that can give your body a natural energy boost, decrease stress, and support your body's fight against the ill-effects of modern living — without dangerous side effects. Eleuthero is an "adaptogen," which is defined as "a non-toxic substance that reinforces the body's ability to react to stress." Eleuthero is also considered one of nature's most powerful, adaptogenic herbs.

Studies on Radiation Effects and How Chlorella and Eleuthero Can Help

The evaluation of radioprotective action of a mutant (E-25) form of Chlorella vulgaris in mice was administered at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, in 1993. The testing studied the possible role of orally fed Chlorella vulgaris (E-25) in radiation-induced mice. "Different doses of E-25 were administered either chronically (once, twice or thrice a day for 28 days) or as single acute doses before/after irradiation. A significant radioprotective effect was observed in both acute and chronic pretreatments, but only at doses above 400 mg/kg body weight. However, in mice that received E-25 (500 mg/kg) three times a day for 28 days, there was no protective effect, and a significant loss in their body weight was observed. Interestingly, E-25 afforded significant radioprotection even when it was administered within 0.4 hr after irradiation," the study concluded.

Another study conducted in 1986 by a group of Russian scientists concluded that Eleuthero can help repair radiation damage. The study measured that groups of animals being exposed to prolonged radiation while taking Eleuthero lived three times longer that the animals that did not take Eleuthero. The Eleuthero also apparently shielded the animals from any harmful toxins common in radiation therapy. (Kupin, V.I., Polevaia, E.B. Stimulation of the immunological reactivity of cancer patients by Eleuthero extract. Vopr Onkol 1986; 32:21-6

How Sun Chlorella and Sun Eleuthero Work

Taking Sun Chlorella regularly can help counteract additives present in today's food supply. Adding one serving of Sun Chlorella with each meal can help absorb pesticides in the food that people are consuming, so that it may not even get a chance to be absorbed into your body. Chemicals found in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe bind to the chlorella, and are then excreted through our stool, urine, and sweat. One serving of Sun Chlorella is equivalent to one serving of fresh green vegetables (without the pesticides). While Sun Eleuthero helps relieve the constant strain on adrenal glands, which are responsible for the production of cortisone and adrenaline - Sun Chorella and Sun Eleuthero can help when feeling tired, anxious, or under great physical or mental stress. And since stress and fatigue can lower the body's resistance to fight illness, taking Sun Eleuthero can dramatically reduce stress and fatigue and can help support and strengthen the body's natural defenses.

Sun Chlorella Screening Process

Sun Chlorella USA recommends taking Sun Chlorella "A" in granules or tablet form as a healthy approach to detoxifying the body. Because Sun Chlorella USA products under-go an intense screening process to ensure safety and product control, there is no need to worry about the quality of their products. While Sun Chlorella USA products are manufactured and packaged in Japan - several hundreds of miles from the affected region in the northeast of Japan – the actual growing of chlorella takes place in Taiwan - over 2,100 miles away. So, thankfully, Sun Chlorella USA products have not been impacted by the fallout of the nuclear reactors.

First grown indoors and then moved outdoors where it is allowed to culture in the natural environment, the water used in the culture pools originates in mountains over 3,000 meters high. In addition to its stable quality and amount, this water is free of contaminants and has low hardness. The chlorella is then filtered, and once purity is verified, it is ready to be concentrated. It gets sterilized, dried, and then becomes Sun Chlorella A, which is manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

In complying with the GMP, Sun Chlorella USA evaluates and conducts inspections on visual appearance and weight, as well as meticulously tests for contaminants and bacteria consistently through manufacturing. In addition, rigorous quality control is ensured by Sun Chlorella USA's own standards for important Chlorella components, which are stricter than government standards. Instead of using chemicals to process the tablets and granules, Sun Chlorella USA uses press machines and other natural methods. Products are double-inspected both in-house and at public institutions, and once the products pass these inspections, they are then tightly sealed in special lightproof packages to become Sun Chlorella "A". Lastly, all products leaving Japan for export to the U.S. are being screened and evaluated for possible radiation. Of course, Sun Chlorella USA continues to monitor the situation in Japan to ensure safety in their products.

Where can you buy Sun Chlorella?

Sun Chlorella is available in granules or tablet form at Whole Foods Markets, Vitamin Shoppe, or online at

Sun Eleuthero tablets, Sun Eleuthero extract, and Sun Eleuthero tea bags are also available online at

For more information on Sun Chlorella USA, please visit their corporate website at or go to their online electronic press kit at

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