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Aureus Pharma Licenses AurSCOPE Ion Channel to Neuromed Pharmaceuticals

12/11/2007 9:45:01 AM

PARIS, December 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Aureus Pharma a leading provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, announces that Neuromed Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company developing new and improved chronic pain drugs has licensed the AurSCOPE Ion Channel Knowledge database.

Ion channels are a important therapeutic target for a number of diseases including cardiac arrthymias, auto-immune diseases and pain which is the major focus of Neuromed. AurSCOPE Ion Channel is a knowledge database containing biological activity mined from the scientific literature for all known ion channels. This knowledge database can be used by pharmaceutical researchers to rapidly access prior knowledge related to ion channels for all stages of the drug discovery process.

"We will leverage the data contained in the AurSCOPE Ion Channel knowledgebase to build upon Neuromed's existing expertise in ion channel biology and chemistry as we look to develop potentially new classes of medicines to treat pain," said Dr. Stephen Arneric, Vice President, Research and Preclinical Development.

"We are delighted that Neuromed has chosen Aureus' ion channel knowledge database," said Jason Theodosiou, CEO of Aureus Pharma. "The addition of Neuromed as a customer of AurSCOPE Ion Channel along with UK based Xention a biopharma company specialized in ion channels, confirms that AurSCOPE Ion Channel is a valuable resource for ion channel drug discovery."

About Aureus Pharma

Aureus Pharma headquartered in Paris, France is a privately held knowledge management based solutions provider for the life sciences industry. Aureus Pharma accelerates new drug discovery by providing knowledge databases which contain high quality quantitative information for both chemistry and biology. Researchers gain rapid access to knowledge for important drug target classes including GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase as well as other critical pharmaceutical topics including ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG Channel. The information contained in the Aureus Pharma system is of primary importance to aid in lead discovery and optimization as well as to build predictive models. For further information on how Aureus Pharma helps researchers turn data into discovery visit

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