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Asynt Ltd. Release: Drysyn(TM) Range Chosen for New Anticancer Medicinal Chemistry Lab

5/17/2011 11:12:30 AM

May 2011 -- Asynt’s versatile and cost-effective DrySyn heating blocks have been selected to equip an important new medicinal chemistry laboratory for the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR) at Newcastle University.

Medicinal chemistry is an integral component in anticancer drug discovery and development. Opened by Dr Andy Takle, Director of Translational Research at Cancer Research UK, the Newcastle Cancer Centre Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory provides valuable additional space for the NICR Drug Discovery and Imaging Research Group. This group aims to help discover and develop targeted therapies for all types of human cancer – adult and paediatric, solid and haematological.

DrySyn MULTI meets the needs of medicinal chemists in the new NICR lab for a way to rapidly heat 12 small-scale reactions, control temperature and agitate simultaneously. The DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit provides a convenient, low-cost solution for chemists conducting simple synthetic reactions with temperature control and magnetic stirring, but without the complications of reflux or inerting. It is ideal for producing small, focused libraries of compounds and can also be upgraded to a parallel reaction station for standard round-bottom flasks by using the appropriate DrySyn MULTI inserts.

According to Roger Griffin, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at Newcastle University, ‘Our chemists like using the DrySyn range, which provides them with a safe and reliable method of heating their reactions, avoiding the need for messy and dangerous oil baths. The compact DrySyn MULTI is particularly useful, as multiple reactions can be carried out on a single stirrer hotplate, saving space and increasing efficiency. Also, the modular system enables us to mix and match inserts to use a variety of flasks and vials at the same time, making them extremely flexible. In addition to the safety, convenience and versatility of the standard DrySyn range, the ability to have inserts custom-made to fit reaction vessels for your own application means these products are essential equipment in our labs.’

Made of chemically resistant, 100% recyclable aluminium, DrySyn heating blocks offer excellent heating performance up to 300ºC and can heat a reaction flask 25 per cent faster than an oil bath. Other advantages include a small footprint and shallow well shape which increases reaction visibility and minimises the possibility of glass fractures.

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Asynt Ltd, based near Cambridge, was formed in July 2003 to develop, supply and support new and novel products and services for the organic chemist. The company developed the DrySyn range of products (launched in March 2004) and has successfully introduced partner company PharmaCore’s custom synthesis services into the European market. Asynt products are developed by a team of chemists with 35 years’ combined experience and a mission to respond to the real needs of their colleagues in industry and academia. Asynt is committed to investment in new products and chemistries and plans to launch new ideas on a regular basis.

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