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Ariadne Genomics, Inc. Provides Pathway Studio(R) Interoperability with Illumina, Inc. (ILMN)’s New GenomeStudio Software

12/29/2008 10:59:53 AM

ROCKVILLE, MD, December 29, 2008 – Ariadne announces the completion of a key partner program with Illumina Inc., to provide advanced integration and interpretation capabilities for data generated from their iScan and BeadArray Reader platforms. The coupling of Ariadne’s Pathway Studio® to Illumina’s next generation software, GenomeStudio™ Data Analysis Software, provides researchers with a state-of-the-art toolset to quickly analyze expression data for physiological changes, cell signaling and other significant biological changes.

Ilya Mazo Ph.D, President of Ariadne, said, “Ariadne has always supported analysis of Illumina data. The integration of Pathway Studio with Illumina’s GenomeStudio Software improves the analysis workflow by rapidly characterizing experimental data into meaningful results helping biologists develop new experiments and hypotheses. With the addition of advanced data analysis and pathway creation provided by Pathway Studio, Illumina’s customers will achieve a significant research advantage by simplifying the transition from statistical data analysis to biological interpretation. We see a strong demand for this interoperability with academics, pharmaceutical companies, and with plant genomic companies. Ariadne is excited about this accomplishment and looks forward to expanding this interoperability with Illumina’s additional experimental technologies.”

“Ariadne is the first to offer a plug-in with our newly launched GenomeStudio Software program. By providing a graphical representation of Illumina’s microarray data, Pathway Studio offers researchers a unique way to complete advanced downstream analysis,” said Omoshile Clement, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager of Software Informatics at Illumina. “Illumina and its software partners continue to improve tools that aid in the interpretation of data across multiple applications.”

Pathway Studio provides academic and commercial clients with analytical capabilities for experimental data that provide biological context and mechanistic interpretation. Proprietary algorithms analyze experimental data to perform functional analysis, identify regulated pathways, or discover new biological networks. This bench-top application provides scientists a direct method to interpret their data, to formulate new hypotheses and to design new experiments.

For more information about Pathway Studio, please contact Ariadne at 240-453-6296 or


ARIADNE ( Pathway Studio software is used worldwide as a comprehensive solution for analysis and searching of pathways and molecular interaction information. Ariadne offers desktop and enterprise editions of Pathway Studio which are supported by several commercial and publicly available molecular interaction databases including ResNet Mammalian, ResNet Plant, and Prolexys HyNet. Pathway Studio is powered by MedScan* Technology, which researchers can use to edit and enhance database content from the current literature and from experimental data.

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