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Angstrom Medica, Inc. Receives Recognition From Frost & Sullivan For Its Novel NanOss(TM) Technology Platform

12/21/2005 11:03:03 AM

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis of the advances in medical device technology for orthopedic applications recognized Angstrom Medica, Inc. in the field of orthopedic biomaterials as the recipient of the 2005 Excellence in Technology Award for the development of its novel nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology -- NanOss(TM). This technology exploits nanotechnology allowing Angstrom Medica to manipulate calcium and phosphate at the molecular level and create formulations with unique material properties including high mechanical strength.

Angstrom Medica, whose tagline is "the synthetic bone company", has incorporated NanOss chemistries in the development of both hydroxyapatite (HA) and tri-calcium phosphate (TCP) formulations for use as structural medical devices, an injectable, weight-bearing bone cement and as bioactive coatings.

"The human bone is composed of a calcium and phosphate composite, specifically hydroxyapatite. As a result, synthetic manipulations that mimic the natural composition, size, and morphology of bone possess better bioactivity," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Nivedithaa Gopaalakrishnan. "Not surprisingly, NanOss finds applications where natural bone is damaged or removed, such as in the treatment of fractures and also as a replacement of allograft (donor bone) and metallic medical devices in the areas of spine and sports medicine."

Angstrom Medica's nanotechnology manipulates molecules at the nanoscale (one millionth of a millimeter). Assembling molecules at such a scale pervades materials with unparalleled structural and functional properties. Furthermore, such molecular compounds can be tinkered to produce specific attributes. Angstrom Medica's patented precipitation process involves the formation of nanostructured calcium phosphates.

In terms of the specific process parameters, the nanocrystalline forms are produced after retrieving the nanocrystals from the solvent setup. These dense transparent monoliths are later configured into the required shapes necessitated by orthopedic surgery. However, the factor that really differentiates NanOss chemistries over other hydroxyapatite-based ones is its weight bearing capacity. The minute size of NanOss crystals allows the growth of cells between them that gradually encompass the crystals, thereby modeling them into natural human bone.

NanOss chemistries have been conceptualized and formulated to include the development of products under three sub-categories used as such or as carriers of pharmokinetic agents and orthobiologic materials. These chemistries are highly osetoconductive and over time, merge to become a part of the natural bone structure (in contrast to metal or polymer implants). The technology thus finds applications in the sports medicine, spine, trauma, and general orthopedic sectors.

"Among present allograft techniques, NanOss solves integrity, supply and contamination issues as it is a synthetic bone engineered in the lab that can be tailored to the expected strength," notes Gopaalakrishnan. "Furthermore, almost any amount can be machined in NanOss as opposed to allografts that rely on the availability of cadaver donor bones."

Angstrom Medica received approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its NanOss material in early 2005 and further approvals are likely to quicken the commercialization of these nanoscale materials and devices. Thus, recognizing Angstrom Medica's role in advancing the use of nanotechnology for orthopedics Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the company the 2005 Award for Excellence in Technology.

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to a company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology into the market; a technology that has either impacted or has the potential to impact several market sectors. The Award lauds successful technology development that is expected to bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. It also recognizes the overall technical excellence of a company and its commitment towards technology innovation.

About Angstrom Medica

Angstrom Medica is a privately-held, privately funded, biomaterials and medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of its proprietary nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology -- NanOss(TM). NanOss is an innovative structural biomaterial that utilizes nanotechnology to achieve nearly the strength of stainless steel while remaining highly osteoconductive allowing it to remodel over time into human bone.

Earlier this year, Angstrom Medica's NanOss(TM) Bone Void Filler became the first ever "nanotechnology" medical device to receive FDA clearance. Angstrom Medica's initial product development efforts for NanOss are focused on applications in the sports medicine, trauma, spine and general orthopaedics markets.

Utilizing NanOss as a platform technology, Angstrom Medica is currently focused on developing:

* Structural NanOss -- Weight-bearing medical devices that remodel into bone * Injectable NanOss -- Injectable, endothermic, weight bearing bone cements * Bioactive Coatings -- Programmable bioactive coatings with nanosurfaces

Angstrom Medica believes that NanOss is a disruptive and enabling technology with inherent features and benefits that make it a favorable replacement for certain medical devices currently made of metals, PEEK, absorbable polymers, allograft, autograft and PMMA. NanOss chemistries have been developed in both hydroxyapatite (HA) and tri-calcium phosphate (TCP) formulations.

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