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Aloka Co., Ltd. Unveils New Line - ProSound 'F' Diagnostic Ultrasound System

7/16/2010 9:14:41 AM

TOKYO, July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- ALOKA CO., LTD., announced on July 16 the ProSound F75, a high-end color diagnostic ultrasound system of the new "F" series at its private exhibition, "Aloka Fair 2010." This new flagship of multi-purpose systems, providing unprecedented performance in a variety of clinical applications, is comfortable and easy to use.

Diagnostic ultrasound equipment, with its high spatial and temporal resolution, is widely used in many clinical application areas. However, challenges still remain for engineers. "We had three major areas of focus to start our project of a completely new ultrasound system," says Minoru Yoshizumi, President of Aloka.

The first focus was on users' comfort; in order to avoid work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD), conducting examinations in a natural posture without stress or discomfort is an important issue.

The second focus was versatility; to develop a product that is highly productive and can perform a wide variety of examinations, which leads to controlling healthcare expenditures. "Our customers value our products' versatility. Expanding this strength is our job," declares Yoshizumi.

The third focus was on reducing the patient dependency. The length of time needed for ultrasound examinations generally depends on the patients' physique and predisposition.

Developed with these focuses in mind, the ProSound F75 delivers "Facilitated workflow, Investment return, and True diagnostics" so as to "FIT" your specialty.

F: Facilitated workflow

The ProSound F75 acknowledges the needs of performing examinations in a natural posture without stress or discomfort. The monitor and operation panel have a wide range of movement, which enables reduction of the operator's muscle load up to 20%. Another factor is automation of operation to make examinations flow smoother. The ProSound F75 allows simple operation so the operator can concentrate on the examination in comfort.

I: Investment return

The ProSound F75 covers numerous applications in one console, with its wide variety of probes, measurement/report package, and many other factors. Affordable cost of ownership is guaranteed due to the reliable system design and easy-to-upgrade software. With simple and intuitive operation, new users can easily learn to operate the system.

T: True diagnostics

By combining all of our cutting-edge technologies, the ProSound F75 performs high spatial resolution. The combination of the CPWG+ (compound pulse wave generator, the new front-end processor) and Full Aperture Apodization (uses all transducer elements of a probe) perfects focus throughout the entire image. This technology will enhance the efficiency of examinations, and will benefit both patients and examiners.

The ProSound F75 will be available for delivery in October 2010.

(Shipment time may vary depending on regulation and registration of the country concerned.)


ALOKA CO., LTD., is a leading health and scientific company operating in three core areas: Medical Electronic Systems (diagnostic ultrasound); General Analytical Instruments (radiation measurement); and Clinical Laboratory Systems (specimen preprocessing). It has been the world's leading pioneer of ultrasound systems for the medical and health science industries for nearly 60 years, providing ultrasound solutions to the obstetrics/gynecology, general imaging, internal medicine, cardiovascular, surgical and endoscopic ultrasound fields.

ALOKA's worldwide headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, operating 40 domestic and 16 overseas business establishments, including subsidiaries. ALOKA exports its products to more than 150 countries. With its commitment to "Illuminate the change; See the unseen," ALOKA is dedicated to excellence in providing the systems to advance prognosis, prediction and prevention with a view to ensuring the best quality of life for patients and society.


Hiroyuki SHIKATA


ALOKA Co., Ltd.

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