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AFID Therapeutics Inc. Passes Critical Milestone

4/4/2006 1:51:29 PM

LANSING, Mich., April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- AFID Therapeutics Inc. ( ) announced that the company had received orders for its new advanced drug scaffold product line from over 40 pharmaceutical customers / clients thus passing a major milestone. This line was introduced at the beginning of second quarter of last year. The center piece of the new AFID Therapeutics' offering features families of heterocyclic and carbocyclic ring systems that can form the core of drugs for the treatment of several diseases. A main focus is nucleoside and nucleotide mimetics, glycosidase inhibitors and nicotinic and muscarinic receptor agonists and antagonists. The range of applications covered by these approaches spans the spectrum from antivirals through molecular therapies for cancer, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and disorders stemming from a lack of regulation of smooth muscle function.

AFID Therapeutics Inc. seeks to provide the pharmaceutical sector with new molecular prospects with big potential that cover old themes and at the same time introduce new ones. "We have pioneered the transformation of carbohydrates into advanced chemical entities that are beyond the easy reach of petrochemicals thus opening entirely new vistas for chemistry and the allied areas," says Rawle Hollingsworth, President and Founder of AFID Therapeutics Inc. Dr. Li Gao, Director of Chemistry at AFID Therapeutics adds, "We have provided the market with novel chiral molecules many of which are available for the first time. From the high demand we have seen from the pharmaceutical companies, we are confident that many new drugs will be developed from them." Thus far eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are using the new compounds developed by AFID in their drug discovery and development efforts. Dr Gao notes that the company is developing a global presence having shipped orders around the world to countries including France, the U.K., China, Japan and throughout the United States.

AFID Therapeutics Inc. was launched using technology licensed from Michigan State University. "The company is playing an important role in the translation of academic novelty into a meaningful commercial reality that can really transform lives and provide an important return to the communities we serve," Hollingsworth asserts. According to the company, the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan has been an important ally in facilitating the launch of the new product line. "This underlines the critical role agriculture will have in the emergence of a new economy driven by innovations in renewable based chemistry," says Hollingsworth. The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan is a legislatively-established statewide program that utilizes one-cent per bushel of Michigan corn sold. Investments are made in the areas of research, education, market development, and new uses in an effort to enhance the economic position of Michigan corn producers.

AFID Therapeutics Inc.

CONTACT: Rawle Hollingsworth, President and Founder of AFID TherapeuticsInc., +1-517-336-4641

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