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5 Ways To Catapult Into Every Hiring Manager's YES List

11/13/2013 2:22:28 PM

biotech jobs post your resume Help employers find you! Check out all the jobs and post your resume. 5 Ways To Catapult Into Every Hiring Manager's YES List

November 14, 2013

5 Steps to Speed Up Your Job Prospects Before Turkey Day

By Jeff Shane, Professional Resume Writer

If you’re a job seeker, it is well documented that the period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is an optimal time to find your next employment opportunity. Utilize these 5 steps to ensure you’re “up to speed” during this key period:

1. Redouble your efforts in sending out resumes, conducting networking, etc. Summer is over - employers have only just returned from summer vacations and are highly energized in making year-end quotas, etc. They might just be looking to fill some previously budgeted vacancies that must be filled prior to year’s end.

2. Make sure you’ve done your (research) homework. Be clear on exactly what position you’re seeking (and ensure that your resume reflects it to best advantage). Use a resume-critiquing service like Allison & Taylor to ensure that your resume will get you that all-important first interview. Do some investigative homework on your prospective employers to ensure that your future interviews highlight the immediate, positive contributions you can make to their company.

3. Hone your interviewing skills. Conduct “role play” sessions with friends and family where you have them pose questions to you in an interview-style format. This will better enable you to develop a comfort level with the interview venue, and help you anticipate the kind of questions you’ll receive during the “real thing”.

4. Review Your Skill Set. What “value add” can you offer that will tip the employment scales in your favor? If there are any gaps in your skill set, consider using software tools, online training sites, etc. to round out your knowledge base.

5. Make sure your references are solid. You certainly don’t want to make it through the interview process with flying colors, only to lose the job because your former supervisor/HR representative gave you a lackluster (or negative) reference. Take charge of your career search by checking your own references with a company like Allison & Taylor. If any employer negativity is documented, you will be able to do something about it with tools such as a Cease & Desist letter.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it – take the steps above now to help ensure you celebrate the holiday with a new job.

About Allison & Taylor:

Allison & Taylor, Inc. is a global firm with 27 years of experience in professional reference checking and employment verification.

Since 1984, the company has been featured on,, the Wall Street Journal,, Glamour Magazine, New Woman Magazine, Worth Magazine, the Detroit News, the St. Petersburg Times, and has been rated a "Top Executive Site" in Forbes magazine.

They are open 7/24 for orders via our Web site at

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