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BioVisioN AG's Clinical Peptidomics(R): The Sensitive Search For Biomarkers

10/19/2005 5:11:46 PM

HANNOVER, Germany, October 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The German biotech company BioVisioN opens up new possibilities for peptide biomarker research. Outstanding improvements of their proprietary Clinical Peptidomics technologies were presented at this year's Protein Biomarkers Conference held in Philadelphia, USA. Clinical Peptidomics comprises all methods and technologies for analysing small proteins and peptides in clinical research and development and for accompanying clinical studies. Innovative sample preparation, integration of a new generation of mass spectrometers and the continuous improvement of internal process chains result in an increased sensitivity of analysis methods and accelerated research projects. With this activities BioVisioN has strengthened its position as a leading biological research organisation for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of biomarker discovery.

Successful biomarker research needs to be individual, sensitive and reproducible. In addition, the results of the analysis of large patient groups must be comparable. This is the only way to identify patient-specific reactions and to find unknown compounds in concentrations of clinical relevance. BioVisioN's unique peptidomics technologies fulfil every single one of these criteria. Thousands of native peptides can be analysed in parallel with an excellent detection limit in the picomolar range. The innovative sample preparation ensures that all important peptides are retained. After successful discovery biomarker candidates can be sequenced and identified with ease.

"Biomarker discovery is similar to a lottery", BioVisioN's CSO Dr. Peter Schulz-Knappe explains, "discovery strategies based on instruments or chip technologies only use one ticket to win the jackpot. We offer methods which analyse several thousand compounds in parallel, thus dramatically increasing the chance to win the first prize - at lower costs!" Using the chip technologies of the past, scientists need to know what they are looking for and therefore are often unable to find important biomarkers. The approach of BioVisioN also looks for the unknown and unexpected - at a up to 1000 times better resolution compared to instrument-based solutions.

BioVisioN offers to their customers a service to solve problems, not an inflexible device. This is another reason for the success since the customer defines work packages according to specific requirements. BioVisioN's services vary from a single sample preparation to the full scale R&D project including sequencing, identification, biological interpretation and validation of discovered biomarkers. With this integrated approach, BioVisioN represents the prototype of modern clinical research and development: goal-oriented, flexible and highly qualitative.

Contact: Dr. Rainer Voegeli Chief Business Officer BioVisioN AG Feodor-Lynen-Str. 5 D-30625 Hannover Phone: +49-511-538-896-0 Fax: +49-511-538-896-66 Email: bd@peptidomics.com

BioVisioN AG

CONTACT: Dr. Rainer Voegeli, Chief Business Officer, BioVisioN AG,Phone: +49-511-538-896-0, Fax: +49-511-538-896-66,

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