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GeneSeek Inc. To Provide DNA Analysis In Support Of A2 Corporation Ltd. Milk Production In North America

10/19/2005 5:09:46 PM

LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- GeneSeek Inc. today announced that it has been exclusively contracted by New Zealand-based A2 Corporation Ltd. to provide the DNA genotyping necessary for production of A2 Milk in the North American market. A2 Milk is essentially free of the A1 form of the protein beta-casein. Beta-casein A1, which is found at varying levels in all cow milk currently sold in the U.S., has been linked by some researchers to certain health risks. Under terms of the agreement, GeneSeek will provide high- throughput DNA analysis to genotype dairy cattle for the beta-casein gene, to enable selection of cows for production of A2 Milk and other A2 dairy products. A2 Corporation holds a suite of intellectual property concerning the production of A2 Milk, and has recently formed a strategic agreement with IdeaSphere Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI) to introduce A2 Milk and milk products to the U.S. market.

"GeneSeek is very pleased to be partnering with A2 Corporation to facilitate production of A2 Milk in North America," said Abraham Oommen, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GeneSeek. "We have established a powerful infrastructure for rapid, high throughput and robustly accurate DNA analysis that is perfectly suited for the large-scale genotyping required to develop herds of dairy cattle exclusively lacking the A1 form of the beta- casein gene."

GeneSeek, which was recently contracted by the USDA to provide the DNA testing related to the case of mad cow disease (BSE) in the state of Washington, will use its platforms for SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) genotyping, robotic liquid handling systems and proprietary web-based data management systems to process the large volume of testing expected from this contract.

"A2 Corporation is committed to licensing A2 Milk in the major world markets," stated Andrew Clarke, A2 Corporation's Chief Executive Officer. "We are excited to be working with GeneSeek to help bring A2 Milk to North America. We believe that GeneSeek, with their commitment to large volume and high quality DNA analysis, is an ideal partner to conduct the critical genotyping required to facilitate the supply of A2 Milk to North American consumers."

About GeneSeek

GeneSeek is a privately held, global biotechnology company dedicated to providing quality and affordable DNA-based discovery and diagnostic products and services. Founded in 1998, GeneSeek recently moved into new, custom designed laboratories and corporate headquarters in Lincoln, NE. GeneSeek is the leading provider of DNA-based testing to the livestock industries, with customers in seven countries. GeneSeek provides DNA testing for parentage identification, identity matching, traceability of animals and animal products, genetic improvement, animal management, disease detection, and customized gene discovery research.

GeneSeek (TM) is a trademark of, and all trade rights therein are owned by, GeneSeek Inc.

About A2 Corporation Limited

A2 Corporation is a New Zealand based biotechnology corporation founded in 2000 to realize the market potential presented by patents pertaining to the production and marketing of A2 Milk. By licensing its intellectual property to parties with the expertise and resources to facilitate the steps necessary to bring A2 Milk to their respective markets, A2 Corporation strives to promote global health while stimulating growth and innovation in the dairy sector.

A2 Milk (TM) is a trademark owned by A2 Corporation Ltd. Contact: Daniel Pomp Vice President and CSO (402) 770-0506

GeneSeek Inc.

CONTACT: Daniel Pomp, Vice President and CSO of GeneSeek Inc.,+1-402-770-0506,

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