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AspirinWorks Signs Diagnostyx Labs

10/19/2005 5:08:51 PM

DENVER, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- AspirinWorks(R), a division of Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc., has announced that Diagnostyx Labs, Limited of Atlanta, GA, has joined its network of affiliated laboratories that offers its new aspirin resistance test. AspirinWorks is a simple urine test that measures an individual's response to aspirin dosage and allows physicians to adjust the dosage or recommend alternative therapy.

"This test is important to the health of millions of Americans currently on aspirin therapy," said Gordon Ens, President of Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc. "However, it is equally imperative that we find the highest caliber laboratories, such as Diagnostyx Labs, to provide the test and meet the needs of patients and physicians around the country."

Millions of Americans are prescribed an aspirin a day as a preventive measure against a heart attack, but recent studies indicate that up to 25 percent of those patients may be non-responsive to aspirin's benefits because they are aspirin resistant or the aspirin dosage they are taking is not effective. In fact, research has shown that aspirin resistant patients are also more than 3 times likely to die from heart disease than their non-aspirin resistant counterparts.

"AspirinWorks is a simple, scientific test that provides intra-laboratory standardization and correlation to the original outcomes data," said Richard Mullins, Ph.D., Laboratory Director of Diagnostyx Labs. "This test helps both patients and healthcare providers make effective treatment decisions."

AspirinWorks is the only aspirin resistance test based on an outcomes study using controls to ensure standardization between laboratories.

The AspirinWorks test works by measuring the level of thromboxane in urine. This chemical indicates the "stickiness" of platelets. Platelets are cells that play a key role in initiating blood clot formation; when platelets stick together they help form blood clots that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Aspirin therapy can prevent this by making the platelets less "sticky." By measuring one of the chemicals that makes platelets "sticky," the AspirinWorks test measures a patient's response to aspirin. Once a physician has this test result, a patient's aspirin dosage can be adjusted, or alternative platelet therapy can be recommended.

About AspirinWorks

AspirinWorks is a division of Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc., an innovative company providing unique products that enhance patient care and management. AspirinWorks was formed to meet the need for a standardized way to measure aspirin resistance and achieve clinically relevant results. Presently, AspirinWorks is establishing a network of laboratories across the U.S. that performs the test by the same method, utilizing a unique set of controls. The company's goal is to ultimately standardize aspirin therapy resistance testing in the U.S., in order to help improve patient outcomes and reduce morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease. For more information on AspirinWorks and the AspirinWorks Test, visit

About Diagnostyx Labs

Diagnostyx Labs is a full service clinical reference laboratory based in Atlanta, Ga. We have over 60 years of experience in our medical, scientific professional staff. While operating as a regional reference site we are focused on serving the global reference laboratory market place. We offer a full spectrum of clinical laboratory testing designed to provide physicians and their patients with accurate and diagnostically meaningful results. For more information, contact Diagnostyx Labs toll free at 1-866-408-7670 or 404-728-9004, visit our Web site at or visit our offices at 2910 N. Druid Hills Rd, Suite D Atlanta, GA 30324.


CONTACT: Dan Snyders of Armada Medical Marketing, +1-303-623-1190,ext. 230, or mobile, +1-720-231-9990,, for AspirinWorks

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